Fox leftist Leslie Marshall blames Amb. Chris Stevens for his death during Benghazi

leslie-marshall-witchWant to see just how disgusting leftist hags can be? Look no further than Fox News leftist Leslie Marshall. She looks like she’s begun her Thanksgiving feast about a month early, and as usual was full of hot air. But today, Leslie Marshall crossed the line in progressive liberal Democrat vile. She tried to defend Obama and Hillary Clinton despite the damning Benghazi report that came out on 60 minutes yesterday. Instead of placing any blame on Obama or Hillary Clinton for failing to properly secure the consulate, Leslie Marshall actually blamed Ambassdor Chris Stevens for his own death that night because he wanted to ‘branch out’ from Tripoli to Benghazi.

Fox leftist Leslie Marshall blames Amb. Chris Stevens for his death during Benghazi – Watch at 5 minutes 50 seconds

“No matter how much security we have, things like this can happen. Let’s keep in mind, Ambassador Stevens was the one who wanted to be in Benghazi; Ambassador Stevens was the one who wanted to branch out from Tripoli to Benghazi.”

Hey Leslie, Fuck you, seriously!

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  • George McAdoo

    Leslie Marshal is another broken tool of the Obama administration. A product of the sociocommunist education system which nurtures those who push the party line and leaves in the dust those who refuse to abandon freedom. Rise from the dust America. Impeach the spoilers. Semper Fi!………..

  • robert anthony

    Let’s not forget then, Trayvon Martin chose to wear a hoodie and take a shortcut at night and attack Zimmerman, women in ‘need’ of abortions chose to engage in intercourse, illegal immigrants chose to break the laws,……

  • robert anthony

    A version of ..’she shouldn’t have worn that dress…’?

  • mirawithanh

    What an absurd, ridiculous women! Hillary, herself testified that SHE ordered Stevens there because the last ambassador time there was up AND funding was going to end in a couple of months. Plus there was a blurb somewhere that mentioned that NO ONE was to know that he was even there. The point of him being there was to locate and get back weapons. But that was hinted at, I can’t confirm.

  • WhiteBluecollarRedneck

    Chris Stevens was gay and out there about it. Hillary put a gay American Ambassador in the middle of the Middle East. He just didn’t die Leslie, he was tortured, sodomized, drag through the streets then had his throat cut. Where are the Gay Rights people on this one? Oh Yeah, they’re supporters of the two people who got him killed. They’re tucked away in Obama’s and Clinton’s fanny packs.

  • ProLiberty

    Usually, I do not support weight insinuations nor cursing on the conservative side of the debate. In Leslie’s case, I’ll make an exception. What a horrible human being.

  • David maley

    But i thought Fox had only right wing people on the air.

  • A Abreu

    She is who she is. Let us move forward from this. God is great. We must be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Fed up with dummies

    wow, you people are delusional! FreeDumb!

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