VA sends $4,000 bill to Purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage after he criticized Obama

obama-dick-in-mouthBrian Kolfage an airman who sustained injuries in combat is a Purple Heart recipient. Brian Kolfage also isn’t a big fan of Obama and has critized his policies in the past. So what happens? According to Poor Richard’s News, the VA sent Brian Kolfage a $4,000 bill . Kolfage is a triple-amputee Purple and is now a victim of Obama’s Chicago thug retaliation for daring to criticize dear leader.`

VA sends $4,000 bill to Purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage after he criticized Obama
VA sends $4,000 bill to Purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage after he criticized Obama

Brian Kolfage lost both of his legs and one hand in Iraq on September 11th, 2004.

Kolfman has written about the whole story on his Facebook page:

Two months ago I received a letter from the VA stating they over paid me and that I needed to provide evidence proving otherwise. So I mailed in everything showing that in fact I wasn’t over paid what they were stating, hard evidence too. I then get a letter stating its been resolved. Now today I get this letter showing that they are taking money out of my disability compensation that I receive for losing my three limbs… I call the number listed and the automated system says call back another day, WTF, you’re taking my money and you can’t even answer the phones. This is the garbage that so many veterans have been dealing with over the past few years. And its complete [expletive] that someone can lose half their body for their country then they pull our records to nickel and dime us because the government is broke. After dealing with this for over a month I’ve decided to share my experience. This is exactly why we do not need a full blown government healthcare system run by the IRS, because they will target opposition, they will mess up, and they will take your money even if its by mistake. Then it will take months to even correct it, and this is just the VA, imagine this on a scale 30,000 times larger!

If this is how our nation treats our most severely wounded think about how they’ll treat those who are everyday citizens. The only people who are truly taken care of these days are those who control us and are politicians, they ensure their own are granted every privilege that they can come up with while screwing those who are trying to survive. IS THIS THE CHANGE YOU VOTED FOR? please tell WHY my record was pulled for one thing, and then a background check was done, then my money is being taken… for what? FREEDOM OF SPEECH!?

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  • Lois Elmore

    VA send him a new letter reading paid in full. All of us have the freedom of speech and should not be punished for it.

  • Amazingoly

    Don’t pay the bill – period!

  • airforcevet73

    What a bunch of major assholes……it isn’t enough that he fought in a war to protect this country now the VA or more likely the Obama administration is expecting him to pay a 4 thousand dollar mistake that they made. I think the person who made the mistake is the one who should be paying it back…..not this brave American Hero. This is just another example of the corrupt administration that is in the White House today.

  • 1bob

    2 legs, one arm, and dignity….that’s all they got him for….gee, what a bargain. But I was told he, the pres., is a nice guy….your choice, folks…