Nearly 100 black-on-white attacks since June – media ignores

jesse-jackson-in-hoodie-jpgDid you know that there have been nearly 100 black on white attacks since June? Probably not unless you pay attention to blogs that cover these topics as the corrupt media completely ignores these stories. The recent trend among young male black thugs seems to be the ‘knockout game.’ Black thugs randomly walk up to some white person and punch them in the face, for fun. As usual, this isn’t reported by the corrupt media because of the racial component. It’s an obvious hate crime by these thugs who think it’s ‘fun’ to beat up whitey, so the media ignores. Another thing that the media has ignored are the nearly 100 black on white attacks since middle June that have resulted in death, kidnapping, throats slit, beatings of the elderly and even sexual offense, especially against elderly white people. The Daily Kenn has composed a list of black on white attacks since the middle of June that the media has ignored, including the age of the victims. As usual, the CEOs of the racial greivance industry like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc never utter a word about these attacks. You’ll notice that violence against white really spikes after the George Zimmerman verdict when the media kept trying to instigate a race war:

Date Crime Victim
2013-11-08 BEATEN TO DEATH Ryan Wilson, 38
2013-11-07 MURDER, THROAT SLIT Evelyn Norell, 93
2013-11-07 KIDNAPPING, BURGLARY Thomas M. Nedich, 63
2013-11-06 HOMICIDE BY BEATING Layla Malone, 4
2013-11-04 SET AFIRE WHILE SLEEPING Luke Fleischman, 18
2013-10-30 HOME INVASION, BEATING DEATH Delor Cabral, 78
2013-10-30 HOME INVASION, STABBING Rachel Poole, 31
2013-10-29 MURDER; HOME INVASION Raymond Vasholz, 83
2013-10-28 PEPPER SPRAY ASSAULT Asst store manager
2013-10-25 HOMICIDE Amanda Stratford, 28
2013-10-24 HOMICIDE Jane Juergens, 55
2013-10-23 HOMICIDE Colleen Ritzer, 24
2013-10-18 BEATEN TO DEATH, ROBBED Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton, 87
2013-10-17 SHOT DEAD Charles Sperry, 80
2013-10-16 ROBBED AT GUNPOINT Mary Hall, 83
2013-10-15 ASSAULTED ON SCHOOL VAN Dylan Fonner, 17
2013-10-14 MOB BEAT DOWN Ronald Russo, 30, and wife
2013-10-14 SHOOTING Martha Childress, 18
2013-10-14 SHOOTING DEATH James “Jimmy” Johnson, 56
2013-10-14 SHOOTING DEATH Stephanie Terlisner, 28, unborn baby
2013-10-12 SHOOTING DEATH Kim Kilgore, 21
2013-10-11 BEAT DOWN, ROBBERY Kathleen Jacobs
2013-10-11 HOME INVASION, STABBING, HOMICIDE Sandra Price, 67
2013-10-10 HOMICIDE Justin Ferrari
2013-10-10 KIDNAPPING, RAPE, MURDER Jennifer Kocsis, 37
2013-10-10 SHOOTING DEATH, ROBBERY J.P. Shelley, 42
2013-10-10 BEATING Ron Gandy, 48
2013-10-10 ATM ROBBERY, PISTOL WHIPPED Unnamed man, 65
2013-10-10 BEATING DEATH Gregory Gross, 52
2013-10-10 MOB ATTACK; THEFT Unnamed woman
2013-10-09 CAR THEFT AT GUNPOINT Brad Edmonds
2013-10-08 KIDNAPPING, MURDER William Alexander Apps, 25
2013-10-07 EXECUTION Jourdan Bobbish, 17
2013-10-07 EXECUTION Jake Kudla, 18
2013-10-05 MOB ATTACK, STABBING HOMICDE Unnamed male soldier, 20
2013-10-03 ASSAULT Brendan O’Toole, 26
2013-10-02 BEAT DOWN, ROBBERY Unnamed man, 75
2013-10-01 STABBING 5 victims include 2-yr-old
2013-09-30 MURDER: SHOT & BURNED IN SUV Richard Michael “Mike” Carter
2013-09-28 ASSAULT Woman walking baby stroller
2013-09-27 MOB ATTACK Unnamed man, 64
2013-09-27 ASSAULT Matt Hogue
2013-09-27 FAMILY HOME ATTACKED Unnamed toddler shot
2013-09-25 KNOCK-OUT-GAME MURDER James Gifford, 70
2013-09-24 ASSAULT Safeway manager
2013-09-23 VIOLENT SEX OFFENSE unnamed girl, 17
(presumed white)
2013-09-21 MOB BEATING DEATH Ralph Eric Santiago, 46
2013-09-21 ASSAULT WITH BRICK Andrew Billington, 37
2013-09-20 SHOT TO DEATH Officer Rod Bradway, 41
2013-09-17 HOME INVASION, ABDUCTION Ayvani Hope Perez, 13
2013-09-16 HOMICIDE, ROBBERY Spc. Taylor Hotzoglou, 22
2013-09-16 HOMICIDE (SHOOTING) Gabriel Martinez, 13
2013-09-14 ASSAULT News anchor Brian Carey
2013-09-10 KNOCK-OUT GAME MURDER Ralph Erick Santiago, 46
2013-09-10 MOB ATTACK Michael Stinnett, 27
2013-09-09 FACE SMASHED ON BUS Name withheld
2013-09-07 ASSAULT Female store clerk
2013-09-05 MACE ATTACK, BEATING, ROBBERY Unnamed man, 82
2013-09-04 ROBBERY, MURDER Lawrence Howse, 54
2013-09-04 KNOCK-OUT, MURDER Jeffrey Babbitt, 62
2013-09-03 MURDER, BURNED ALIVE IN TRUNK Yoko Cullen, 85
2013-09-02 MOB ATTACK, ROBBERY NYPC officer
2013-08-28 MOB ATTACK Ginger Slepski
2013-08-27 RAPE Amelia Rudolf, 97
2013-08-26 BURGLARY, MURDER Fannie Gumbinger, 99
2013-08-26 ASSAULT Andy Sweeney
2013-08-26 ASSAULT tiny toddler
2013-08-25 MURDER BY MOB Richard Daughenbaugh, 40
2013-08-24 MOB BEATING unnamed couple
2013-08-22 ASSAULT, ROBBERY 4 elderly women, 70, 63, 65, 93
2013-08-22 ASSAULT unnamed victim
2013-08-22 MURDER BY MOB Delbert Belton, 88
2013-08-22 KIDNAPPING unnamed young woman
2013-08-22 HAMMER ATTACK unnamed hot-dog vendor
2013-08-21 SHOT DEAD Miguel Pilotos, 71
2013-08-21 MOB ATTACK unknown victim
2013-08-20 MURDER Christopher Lane
2013-08-16 ROBBERY/MURDER Habib Hajimirzaei
2013-08-15 GUN CRIME unnamed victim
2013-08-15 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-08-12 GUN SHOT WOUND Deloy Dupuis, 64
2013-08-12 RANDOM STABBING Laralynn Stock Caldwell, 20, 3 others
2013-08-12 MURDER David Santucci
2013-08-12 MOB ATTACK John Garland Redick (77)
2013-08-10 MOB ATTACK Ray Widstrand
2013-08-06 MURDER Alyssa Oakes
2013-08-06 BEATING/ROBBERY Gideon Hackett
2013-08-05 BEATING Unnamed
2013-08-05 TORTURE, MURDER Gary Nagy
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-07-31 ASSAULT/ROBBERY Carre Ramirez
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-07-31 ASSAULT/ROBBERY VCarre Ramirez
2013-07-31 PURSE SNATCHED unnamed 90 year old
2013-07-31 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-30 MOB ATTACK T.C. Maslin
22013-07-29 SCHOOL BUS ATTACK 13-yr-old boy
2013-07-29 ASSAULT cab driver
2013-07-29 ASSAULT young mother
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK 4 victims
2013-07-27 MOB ATTACK unnamed victim
2013-07-25 SHOOTING elderly trucker
2013-07-22 2 MOB ATTACKS Austin Grills (15)
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Stacey Moulton
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Terri Moulton
2013-07-19 ASSAULT Zack Finkelstein
2013-07-19 RAPE 5-yr-old girl
2013-07-15 ASSAULT Georgia [withheld]
2013-07-14 MOB ATTACK Christopher [withheld]
2013-07-14 MURDER, ROBBERY Matthew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER, ROBBERY Andrew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER Joseph Orlando
2013-07-14 ABDUCTION/MURDER Brenna Machus
2013-07-12 MURDER Lina Lim
2013-07-12 MURDER Khin Min
2013-07-12 MURDER Pat Mahaney
2013-07-10 SHOT Father, children
2013-07-10 ASSAULT/THEFT 3 victims
2013-07-06 ASSAULT/THEFT Unnamed mom & child
2013-07-04 ASSAULT, THEFT Joe Stapf
2013-07-02 MURDER Molly Conley
2013-07-02 MURDER Kelly L. Hunnewell
2013-07-02 KNIFE ASSAULT 2-Yr-Old
2013-07-01 MURDER Joshua Chellew
2013-07-01 ASSAULT Cassandra Struve
2013-06-30 MOB ATTACK young woman
2013-06-27 ASSAULT Hayley Aldridge
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins’ 5-yr-old son
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK Unnamed Family
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK unnamed boy
2013-06-21 SHOOTING RAMPAGE 4 victims near Walmart
2013-06-16 MOB ATTACK unidentified victim

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