Right on schedule – leftists blame NRA & GOP for Arapahoe High School shooting

To no one’s surprised, leftists were quick to politicize the Arapahoe High School shooting in Colorado. Leftists blamed the usual suspects, the Tea Party, GOP and NRA for the shooting. Looks like those those gun grabbing laws in Colorado really did a kickass job in preventing this latest nut job from going on a shooting spree at Arapahoe High School. Now all we need is for Brian Ross to Google some Tea Party sites in Colorado to see if he can match the name of the shooter with someone who’s a member of the Colorado tea party. Remember Aurora last year? Anyway, here are some more fine example of progressive liberal peace, love and tolerance:

Hey dumbass. The laws are still on the books in Colorado. Looks like they worked well huh?

Ironic coming from someone who tries to portray himself as some ‘gangsta.’

There’s nothing to spin ‘Cletis.’ The Colorado gun grabbing laws failed, much like you do on Twitter and at life.

If you want non-stop gun grab talk, watch Piers Morgan on CNN. He certain needs to viewers.

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