List of A&E sponsors to boycott

The following is a list of A&E sponsors that need to be put on notice that we will not accept them advertising on a network that doesn’t allow Phil Robertson to speak his mind. The double standards of A&E and the rest of the progressive liberal hypocrites is beyond appalling. Check out who sponsors A&E, let them know you will no longer support their products unless they pull ads from A&E, or until Phil Robertson is brought back to Duck Dynasty.

Bass Pro Shops (which carries Phil Robertson merchandise)
International House of Pancakes (IHOP)

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  • Tabitha Bliss

    Looks like a lot of the same companies I was already boycotting over amnesty. This should be easy! ;-)
    Thanks for the list!

    • God

      I’m boycotting the same companies until he is fired again. Thanks again for putting a list together for all us Gays.

      • DDW

        You do not speak for all gays (I am bi). Some of us want equal rights but not at the expense of freedom of expression. If you read Phil’a interview your will find that he was asked about what in his mind constitutes sin. I do not agree with his view of sin but I respect his right to his view, and his speech.

    • The Submission Channel

      Boycotting the same company list now because they support hate-filled racist homophobes, who are so ignorant they want to portray the pre-Civil Rights Louisiana as a good ole’ time for African-Americans. They must have missed the lynchings. (Or maybe it was a good ole’ time in their redneck memory because of the lynchings [they no doubt playing an active role in them.])

  • DDW

    I just wrote to Cracker Barrel and let them know I will be going to Waffle House until Phil is back on the their shelves. I am fed up with double standard.

    • NYChaseter

      U sound like trailer trash. I bet those waitresses at Cracker Barrel are sad they’re not getting your $.65 tip anymore.

  • Zammana

    This is war… (cultural and economic of course) Spread the Word.
    Merry CHRISTmas.

    • NYChaseter

      Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior…Santa Claus!

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  • NYChaseter

    FUCK Phil and FUCK anyone who agrees w/his hypocritical, bass-ackwards, trailer trash, views. Thanks for the list so I know who to BOYCOTT FOR KEEPING THIS PIECE OF SHIT ON THE AIRWAVES.