Barack and Michelle Obama marriage problems

goofy-ugy-face-michelle-obamaAww. Barack Obama and mooch Michelle Obama’s marriage is in trouble and on the rocks. I guess that would explain why Michelle Obama is still in Hawaii more than a week after her husband and kids returned to DC. Of course Michelle Obama loves to party on our tax dollar, but the so called ‘birthday present’ Hussein gave Michelle as extra time in Hawaii is rather odd for such a close knit, tight family (as the media would have you believe.) Michelle Obama has been chilling in Maui with Oprah, Valerie Jarrett and CBS hack Gayle King. When the ‘loving couple’ was in Hawaii, Obama golfed an astounding nine times in 15 days. Not exactly spending much time with his loving wife and kids. Check out the differences in Michelle Obama’s facial expressions, with Barry and with Oprah.

Michelle Obama and Oprah in Hawaii
Nichelle Obama all smiles with Oprah
Michelle Obama scowls at Barack Obama
Michelle Obama not so happy with her husband Barack Hussein Obama

Michelle Obama is all smilies with Oprah in Hawaii wasting our tax dollars. She isn’t exactly friendly looking at the Nelson Mandela funeral. Maybe it’s time for bathhouse Barry to finally come out. Reggie Love would be proud.

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  • bela

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  • spd1275

    I hate to see anyone’s marriage break up. But perhaps he and his “Go-Lo” club did not invite her to the party. Or maybe she and Oprah… Never mind. I would say give him a permanent vacation so he can spend time fixing his marriage up. He sure hasn’t done to much fixing things up for the rest of us.

  • Tish

    I see an unfortunate accident in mooch’s future..sure wouldn’t want to be on the same plane as that Biotch

    • Terran Hepburn

      Sped1275 and Rob what information do you have to assume the marriage is in trouble? Rob what knowledge you have to indicate that any of these powerful women would be a lesbian? It’s okay to spend time away from your spouse, that’s what love is, allowing the other person to have their space and time, however the President had to return back to DC to babysit the whining Tea Party/Republicans.
      I’m sure a lot of people would be over joyed to see their marriage breakup because some people have looked under every rock for anything negative and went so far to pay for negative information and couldn’t find it. I hate to disappoint you but a DIVORCE will not be happening. Can’t wait to see what the next rumor will be.

      • Scott Newton

        Terran the rest of us could hear what you have to say clearly, if you just remove your head from Obama’s rectum…thanks.

  • Rob

    Aren’t all the women she is hanging with in Hawaii lesbians?

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  • Mr.Billooooooo

    Divorce coming? Michelle must be between a barock & a hard place.

    • Carol Dijkhuyzen

      Oh is this you mr.Billooooooooo,oh yeah it’s you!

  • WhyDoWhitePeopleHateObamas

    Laughably STUPID article.. using a gossip rag with always unnamed “sources” to establish a “troubled” marriage and then expecting the reader to be so stupid as to not realize that it is OBVIOUS that the First Lady was at a dinner PARTY with Oprah Winfrey (smiling appropriate) and was at a FUNERAL for President Nelson Mandela (She should have been smiling so hard her gums were showing at the funeral to make idiots who base fabricated stories on facial expressions feel better right?) thus no need to smile or compare either photo to the other. I have never seen such stupidity and levels of low life trifling behavior in this country as I have seen displayed by the low-lifes who run garbage sites like this.

    • greetingsfromyonkers

      In answer to your hanger, Bub, people hate Obama because he’s driving this country straight into the ground.

    • Carol Dijkhuyzen

      Because white republicans are like thug thief Putin..

  • Anonymous

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