Mark Obama Ndesandjo (Barack’s brother) is a Jew

obama_smoke.jpgMark Obama Ndesandjo is the half brother of Barack Hussein Obama. Turns out that Ndesandjo is also Jewish. His mother Ruth Baker was Jewish and his father was Barack Hussein Obama Sr. That’s really got to sting the anti-Semitic Barry Obama.

Barak Obama’s autobiography seems to be as complex as the president himself. Tzach Yoked, writing in Maariv this week, exposed to Israelis, perhaps for the first time, that among the American president’s eight half-brothers is one, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, who is Jewish.

Mark Obama Ndesandjo isn’t living in a hut on $1 a day like another Obama half brother. This Obama runs an Internet company called WorldNexus and lives in China doing quite well for himself. Mark Obama Ndesandjo is a self made man and didn’t even have to use his name to get anywhere in this world. He did all on his own. Imagine that, from the same bloodlines as Barry Big-Government Obama.

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