Musab Mohamed Masmar who ‘allegedly’ set gay club on fire was Obama State Dept Arab Cultural Ambassador

barack-obama-muslim-turban-new-jpgMusab Mohamed Masmar ‘allegedly’ doesn’t like gays too much. This Muslim terrorist, who just so happens to be a Obama State Dept Arab Cultural Ambassador. Musab Mohamed Masmar, the Muslim from of all places Benghazi, Libya is charged with and videotaped pouring gasoline on a gay club and setting it on fire in Seattle.

Of course, KING 5 fails to mention that Musab Mohamed Masmar was a part of the Obama regime, and they can’t kind a motive. Gee, what might the motive be of a Muslim setting ‘allegedly’ a gay club on fire? That’s a tough one.

Seattle police arrested Musab Mohamed Masmari this morning in association with the New Year’s Eve arson at Neighbours nightclub, says Detective Mark Jamieson. The Seattle Police Department’s Arson/Bomb Squad had been working with a joint terrorism task force since the incident occurred in the early minutes of January 1, when someone poured gasoline down a flight of stairs in the packed gay bar and lit it ablaze. All 750 patrons escaped without injury. . . .

Police say that Masmari, 30, was apprehended today outside of Seattle while he was traveling to Sea-Tac Airport. Detectives then interviewed Masmari and booked him into King County Jail this afternoon as a suspect in the arson investigation. The soonest Masmari would make a court appearance is Monday, according to Jamieson, who says police would “like to thank the public for their tips.”

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