RINOs told Senate clerks not to announce names on debt-ceiling vote

Senate progressive Republicans aka RINOs instructed the Senate clerks not to announce the yea or nay votes on the debt-ceiling raising bill. The reason is so they could change their votes if they needed to get the 60 votes for cloture (which they did.) This was yet another pitiful attempt by Karl Rove Republicans Mitch McConnell and Jon Cornyn to protect their asses because they face tough primary elections. Yea, these idiots are so arrogant that they don’t realize that this little trick wouldn’t leak out and go viral on the Internet.

RINOs told Senate clerks not to announce names on debt-ceiling vote
RINOs told Senate clerks not to announce names on debt-ceiling vote

If you’ve ever watched a Senate floor vote on C-SPAN, you know how it goes. The senator’s name is called by the clerk, the senator votes, and then the clerk publicly announces how he or she voted. Basic legislative accountability. But not this time.

Because of the midterms, we’re all going to be in unity mode soon. Here’s a little reminder that that unity is an illusion, papered over periodically as necessary for the greater good of keeping liberals out of power. There are two parties within the GOP and some members of one are represented in Congress by members of the other. And on the toughest votes, legislators will go to unusual lengths to try to obscure that fact. Although not always successfully.

Why did McConnell need other Republicans to switch their vote to yes if he, Cornyn, Collins, Murkowski, and Corker were willing to provide the five votes Reid needed to get to 60? Simple: He didn’t need them. He wanted them to switch so that no one could be accused of having provided the decisive 60th vote for cloture. The bigger the Republican crowd voting yes was, in theory the easier it would be for each of them to hide in it. In practice, Politico not only picked up on the clerks’ conspicuous silence, they found out the names of the Republicans who switched under pressure. Now, instead of being guilty of voting for a measure that’s unpopular with the base, they’re guilty and they look sneaky. Can’t anybody here play this game?

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  • amazingoly

    He needs to go. New leadership has to come or it is over.