CNN-ABC hack and racist Donna Brazile wants Obama to be a dictator and bypass Congress

democrat-logoDonna Brazile is a far left, racial hustling progressive liberal who always appears on CNN and ABC. Today, her mask slipped off and she wants Obama to go full dictator mode.

Sorry Donna. This is still America. We don’t have Kings or dictators. I’m sure you’d like Obama to be dictator, but it don’t work that way. Donna Brazile is just another fine example as to why the media in America is a joke. Activist progressives like Donna Brazile should stick to ginning up fake racial tension, or the phony war on women.

If you don’t like how the political system is set up in this country, I suggest you move to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea.

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  • Isaac Walls

    Why is this socialist, race baiting progressive pile of animal dung not locked up in a Psychiatric Mental Hospital? She is clearly suffering from a mental illness and it seems critical! One would think her loved ones would care enough to have her committed. So much for Family Values huh?

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  • Jack Smythe

    It is now a reliable pattern that any law or policy of the Obama administration and supported by the Left has the stench of deceit, theft, corruption, and death, regardless of how they spin it to their followers.