Connecticut gun confiscation letter

Yesterday I posted that Connecticut is sending out gun confiscation letters to legal gun owners in the state. Below is an example of one of the Connecticut gun confiscation letters.

Connecticut gun confiscation letter
Connecticut gun confiscation letter

Connecticut ‘assault weapon’ owners have been given four choices on what they can do with their legally purchased gun.
1. Render the ‘assault weapon’ or ‘large capacity magazine’ inoperable.
2. Sell the ‘assault weapon’ or ‘large capacity magazine’ to a licensed gun dealer.
3. Remove the ‘assault weapon’ or ‘large capacity magazine’ from the state of Connecticut.
4. Make arrangements to turn in your weapon or magazine to Connecticut police department or ‘Department of emergency services and public protections’ aka confiscation.

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  • 02221980

    Hold Fast Patriots. The eyes of every freedom loving American across this great nation are focused squarely on our Brothers in Conn. The Govt should fear us yet they systematically strip us of rights , force unwanted burdens upon our shoulders and do as they please without listening to the people . The men and women who will uphold our constitutional rights on our own soil have kept quiet . We have been mistaken as weak ,mistaken as unorganized and mistaken as timid however we are none of these. We are smart , we are brave and we are strong . The talking heads have been building steam under the disillusion of all these things they think we are , they see we are not standing and as of late , the corruption is growing so fast that we can no longer even keep daily track of the scandals and atrocities that plague our offices on high. However they have only succeeded in lulling themselves into a false sense of security , perhaps the same way the Japanese thought of this great country as weak before they bombed Pearl Harbor . However they will surely see , with eyes wide open that we are anything but weak. Get out of the cities , away from the urban sprawl . Walk into a coffee shop , a gun store or anyplace where MEN meet in small town USA . Listen to the murmur , it is the same across the country . We are fed up , and tired of the political disobedience from our elected officials. The meek shall inherit the earth , sound familiar ? Its the truth . The harder you tear at our constitution , the louder that murmur gets . Soon it will be a yell , then an inevitable war cry and you will find yourselves with backs against the wall . You see , your plans of using our military against us is not going to work . Those are our Brothers , Sister , Sons and Daughters. We have sat on tailgates around campfires together , Hung deer stands in the timber and sighted rifles side by side. We were the ones that hugged them when they left , and the ones that teared up when we saw them return , not you. They are not your lapdog servants . They are our FAMILY . So again , Hold Fast Patriots , Hold Fast Connecticut , Hold Fast New York . You are the first , you ARE the threshold , you are ………..the breaking point . To everyone reading this , you are not alone , you and your friends conversations and thoughts are shared , we are united with an unspoken bond . To the puppet masters pulling the strings , this is not a threat , it is not a warning , It is a plea . A plea to stop abusing your power and the people of this great nation . No one WANTS this . Don’t put us in a position where we NEED this.
    A Free Living , God Fearing American.

  • Some Rabbit


  • ThomNJ

    Do I have to take my butter knife out of state, as I could use it as an “assault” weapon?

  • Joe McCarthy’s Daughter

    Send these fascists a copy of the US Constitution. Our rights are from GOD. They are not from the government & the government cannot take them away. Molon Labe!