CNN: As a journalist, you weigh how much you should criticize the president because he’s black

communist-news-networkDon Lemon, the bitter fruit of CNN finally let the cat out of the bag. The media refuses to criticize Obama over all of his failures for one reason. His skin color. Lemon said it point blank today:

“As a journalist, you weigh how much you should criticize the president because he’s black.”

So it’s not only liberal media bias, it’s also racial media bias. Despite the fact Obama is half white, and an epic failure in the mold of Jimmy Carter, you can’t criticize him simply because he’s half black.

This is of course complete and utter BS. If a president is a failure, no matter what his or her skin color, he needs to be criticized by what used to be the ‘watchdog’ media. It’s also hypocritical. Do you think for one second that if a black conservative like Allen West or Tim Scott became POTUS that the media wouldn’t pound them when they screwed up simply because of their skin color? Of course they would hammer a black conservative if they ever became POTUS. In fact, it would be far worse than any white Republican has ever seen, even worse than when Dubya was president.

I’ll try to translate Lemon and the media for you. You can’t criticize a Democrat president for their screw ups. If that POTUS is of another race other than white, you really can’t criticize them.

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