CBS WRAL in Raleigh opens phone lines 7 hours to Obamacare navigators

cbsSo now CBS/WRAL is running telethons for ObamaCARE? Raleigh is basically the San Francisco of North Carolina, but this is beyond ridiculous. CBS WRAL even offered bilingual ObamaCARE navigators for Spanish speaking people. Does North Carolina have that many Latinos?

With the deadline for enrollment fast approaching, Raleigh’s WRAL brought in 27 Obamacare “experts” — including navigators, certified application counselors, and marketplace-savvy insurance agents – to answer callers’ questions from noon until seven in the evening. WRAL’s news broadcast also cut into its normal coverage to advertise the experts and the number to reach them.

“For 1.3 million North Carolinians who are currently uninsured now is the time to think about getting coverage,” Renee Chou, a WRAL reporter explained, while standing in front of people answering phones. “More than 160,000 people in our state have already enrolled in the marketplace as of January. Ninety percent — get this — 90 percent qualified for subsidized premiums and only the right plans sold on the marketplace offer lower premiums based on household size and income.”

“See if you can qualify for a subsidy by calling 919-744-3861 or 1-800-424-WRAL,” she said.
In addition to the phone bank, WRAL has been offering an entire resource center for the ACA, including tutorials about the benefits of Obamacare coverage and an online questions and answer session with an Obamacare marketplace agent named Tony Gutierrez.

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