What do you think happened with Malaysia Airlines Flight ML370?

Ok, so this is what we know so far. Malaysia Flight FL370 was hijacked, or deliberately taken ‘somewhere’ by either the pilot of co-pilot. There were 239 people aboard, including 3 Americans. There were two young Iranians aboard Malaysia Flight FL370 with stolen passports. The pilot had a flight simulator in his home and moved his family out of that home days before the flight of ML370. The pilot of the plane was a political fanatic and the co-pilot was a deeply religious Muslim. The thought is now that the plane is somewhere at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. But is it? Could the plane have been taken to some remote location and used by a Muslim terrorist group later? It flew for up to 7 hours.

So what ultimately happened with the Malaysia Airlines Flight ML370 plane and the passengers? More than 10 days later, no one has a clue. What do you think? You can either comment here, or at Maggie’s Farm which is asking their readers the same question.

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