Lois Lerner talked about working for Obama’s OFA while at IRS

Not a smidgen of corrupt eh? Then tell me, why did Lois Lerner talk about working for Obama’s Organizing for Action leftist group while still working at the IRS? Don’t worry Obama, Bill O’Reilly still has your back.

Lois Lerner talked about working for Obama’s OFA while at IRS
Lois Lerner talked about working for Obama’s OFA while at IRS

Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner talked about taking a job with President Barack Obama’s nonprofit advocacy group Organizing for Action (OFA) while she had official oversight at the IRS over nonprofit tax-exempt groups.

The revelation was made Wednesday in the House Ways and Means Committee’s referral letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prosecute Lerner on criminal charges. Ways and Means voted to refer Lerner to DOJ.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/04/09/lois-lerner-talked-about-working-for-obamas-group-organizing-for-action-while-she-had-official-oversight-over-it/#ixzz2yQ192qzp

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  • Nameless Cynic

    Imagine that. The House Oversight Committee, let by Witchfinder General Issa, with a majority Republican membership, recommends Lerner for DOJ probe. For some random remark about working for the OFA when she leaves the IRS. Since there’s nothing illegal about that, it’s just more tax money being wasted.

    Of course, this is what Issa has already said he’d be doing. “I want seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks.” He just wants to oppose the president, he doesn’t care if he’s openly, blatantly wrong. Even (for example, with the IRS) when he’s already been shown to be a lying weasel.

    It’s already been shown that the IRS was looking for ANY group claiming tax-exempt status while doing political activities, whether liberal or progressive. The only fault was found with the process, not with their actions. But Issa refuses to admit that, and so he’s continuing to push the IRS “scandal,” ignoring all the evidence that’s building up in front of him.

    • preston101

      You are literally to dumb to even be in the left wing.
      When the shoe is on the other foot and left wing groups are being targeted – please keep your trap shut.

      • Nameless Cynic

        Well, since left-wing groups WERE equally “targeted,” I guess I get to talk then. Don’t I, pinhead? Here, I’ll try to explain it for you.

        Political groups don’t qualify for tax-exempt status. And the IRS found itself swamped with them (for various reasons). Some of the agents tried to weed out the easy ones, searching for key words that would tell them these were political groups: words like “Tea Party” or “Republican,” yes, but also words like “Progressive” or “Blue.” Or non-partisan words like “Political.”

        But when Issa asked for a report, he only wanted them to include the right-leaning searches, which is why it LOOKED partisan, without actually being partisan.

        Feel free to do your research before you embarrass yourself further, OK, little guy?