Did Hillary Clinton steal book cover design, title from Carly Fiorina

Poor Hillary Clinton. She was broke after stealing all the china and silverware from the White House before they finally got out. She let four Americans die during Benghazi. And now it seems like she decided to copy Carly Fiorina’s book cover and name for her flopping book. Check out Fiorina and Clinton’s book covers side by side:

LOL! Hillary Clinton stole book cover, title from Carly Fiorina – Image Credit New York Daily News

Fiorina’s book title was ‘Tough Choices’ Hillary Clinton’s is ‘Hard Choices.’ Both of have their pose on the cover. Don’t they look almost identical? Of course, Fiorina’s book came out in 2006.

Nice try Hillary, but can’t you even come up with your own book cover and title for your propaganda book? Are you really this drunk and dense?

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  • amazingoly

    More than likely.

  • Peter Yorkoski

    I thought—

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”- so why the mean

    spirited attitude.

  • caveman1313

    Lord help us if hillary becomes president

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    The one on the right has cheekbones like sagging buttocks.

    Taker Nation wouldn’t care if Cankles kicked a toddler in the head on live TV. All the low-information voters need know is The Woman™ is there to replace The Black Guy™ as the new rubber-stamper of welfare checks.

  • Linda McIntire

    To be fair, HIllary Clinton was probably not involved in designing her book jacket, or picking the title, or even writing much of “her” book.