GDP shrinks by most in five years

Turns out the economy didn’t shrink by 1% as first reported weeks ago. Instead, Obama’s economy shrank by a whopping 2.9%, the worst in five years! Of course the leftist media hacks have their excuses. It’s not Obama’s failed policies that are the problem. Instead, it was the weather. You see, the east and midwest actually had a cold, snowy Winter. So it’s all the Winter’s fault that the economy shrank by a whopping 2.9%. Yea. So if this summer ends up being really hot, then leftist media hacks can blame the crappy economy on the heat.

GDP shrinks by most in five years
GDP shrinks by most in five years

Yeah. A bad winter doesn’t cause the world’s largest economy to contract nearly 3% all by itself. Even the media are having a hard time keeping that excuse aloft. But Obama’s partisan bitter-enders will fight on to the end…

I want you to watch a couple of clips. A rep for the National Association of Manufacturers appeared on CNBC today. CNBC is supposedly a business-oriented channel. The NAM rep said that a majority of manufacturers are generally optimistic about their own companies, but are worried about Obamacare.

After the NAM rep says this, the CNBC host actually asks this question: “Can you just explain to me, why the provision of more affordable healthcare for wider swathes of the American population and the public, would be an impediment to growth?” Actually, he sneered the question. In a British accent. I’m not even kidding.

No clue as to how regulations, how achieving that so-called “more affordable healthcare” forces businesses into deciding whether to hire or stay under an artificial, government-imposed cap on the number of employees they can have before they run afoul of Obamacare regulations. No clue as to how much chaos Obamacare will impose on the employer-employee relationship — so much chaos that Obama delayed implementing that part of the regulation until after this year’s mid-terms. No. Clue. At. All.

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  • amazingoly

    Voter’s revenge coming soon to a town near you in November.