Gasbag Bill O’Reily bashes Murrieta protesters, calls illegals victims

I’m really getting sick and tired of practically everyone in the media, including Bill O’Reilly and others on Fox News calling these disased illegals flooding the border ‘victims.’ They are not victims. The people who have to waste their hard earned tax payer dollars on these illegals are the victims. These illegals bring nothing to this country other than crime, diseases, and more money wasted on entitlement spending. This whole charade as organized by Obama, the progressive liberal Democrats and Karl Rove Republicans to try and gain sympathy for these illegals, and gasbag Bill O’Reilly is falling right into that trap. Watch as O’Reilly bashes the protesters in Murrieta for daring not to want these illegals in their city:

Gasbag Bill O'Reily bashes Murrieta protesters, calls illegals victims
Gasbag Bill O’Reily bashes Murrieta protesters, calls illegals victims

Later in the show, O’Reilly argued with Laura Ingraham that if we deported all these illegals, it would be the ‘death of the GOP’. O’Reilly said he heard it from Karl Rove and John McCain. Wow, really impartial views their, eh O’Reilly?

So this week in prime time we get Bill O’Reilly bashing American protesters against illegal aliens flooding their city, and Megyn Kelly kissing up to Obama’s domestic terrorist pal Bill Ayers.

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  • Some Rabbit

    Billy Blowhard is the most tedious boor on TV. The only time I watch FoxNews at 8pm is when Laura Ingram or Greg Gutfeld is hosting. Otherwise I shut off the TV unless there’s something on another channel.

  • bruce lorraine

    Is anyone who’s informed actually watching Fox News these days?
    Keep in mind that Roger Ailes Chairman of the Board of News Corp. parent company of Fox News sold a large stake of News Corp. shares to a member of the Saudi royal family which is why Fox has gone soft on islam and made an obvious turn to the left.
    Homie don’t play that game.

  • Thomas

    I refuse to watch O’Really

  • Phillip McKann

    He’s not “falling for it,” he’s part of it. O’Reilly and the rest of Fox are establishment shills, no different than the others. Unfortunately he has a lot of people suckered in.

  • Moe Tom

    You can’t put too much faith in The Bloviator. He will blow with any wind. I gave him up a long time ago.