Illegal alien dumping rejected in Chicago – no media uproar

The corrupt leftist media is having a hissy fit that people (rightfully) fed up with Obama’s illegal alien dumping in Murrieta, California blocked the busses loaded with disaseed illegals, and forced the buses to head back south towards San Diego. If you listen to the media, you would think that Murrieta is the only place in this country that has rejected illegal alien dumping, but that’s not the case. The precious progressive liberal Democrat shithole known as Chicago also rejected Obama’s illegal alien dumping in Olympia Fields. It doesn’t get more left wing than Chicago. You haven’t even heard a peep about Chicago reject illegal alien dumping from Chicago’s top amnesty pimp Democrat Rep.Luis Gutiérrez.

Illegal alien dumping rejected in Chicago - no media uproar
Illegal alien dumping rejected in Chicago – no media uproar

Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) over the weekend called for those efforts to be stopped, arguing that moving the children to the facility in Chicago’s south suburb would only make matters worse for the children while creating orphanages even farther away from their homes.
“These children, unaccompanied by their families and under the control of smugglers and trafficking organizations, don’t need a stop gap solution,” he said Monday. “They should be returned to their home countries quickly and with human dignity, not left to languish in legal limbo.”
Congressional candidate Eric Wallace, who lives near the Olympia Fields, expressed concern about how the children would be absorbed into the community.

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  • amazingoly

    Luis needs to go as his ONLY reason for being a number in the house is for amnesty – nothing else at all. Way over the top mouthpiece. We are sick and tired of his ranting and raving on the House floor.

  • J. Jones

    So Chicago’s citizens didn’t call the media and then stage a protest for them? Cool.

  • CindyDH

    Great photo of the poor little children who have no where to go. Send them back.

  • Nov-cubed

    You don’t hear about Espaillat not conceding to Rangel or the charges of racism. Nope, it’s all McDaniel and Mississippi news. . . .
    Thanks, Big Media!

    • J. Jones

      In all fairness, though, isn’t the reason we hear about McDaniel is because he’s running around the state of Mississippi screaming?

  • pete

    shitcago’s got an overload of dem votes – along with all the filth and disease, the purple states get the dem votes from now on