As the world burns – Obama off to Camp David for vacation

Obama and Mooch are headed for a lavish, multi-million dollar vacation at Martha’s Vineyard in August. So to warm up for that vacation, Obama is headed to Camp David for yet another vacation this weekend as the world burns. This will be Obama’s 33rd trip to Camp David since his reign of terror began in 2009. Yet the AP claims that Camp David is an unusual destination. 33 times in under six years? That’s more than five visits per year. I’d hardly call that an unusual destination.

As the world burns - Obama off to Camp David for vacation
As the world burns – Obama off to Camp David for vacation

President Barack Obama is foregoing his usual round of weekend golf at a Washington suburban military base. Instead, he and his family are choosing what is for them a rare woodland getaway: a weekend at the presidential mountaintop retreat of Camp David.

The escape from the White House caps a fierce week of foreign policy eruptions, highlighted by a downed commercial jet liner over Ukraine and Israel’s ground offensive into Gaza, as well as maneuvers over how to address a surge of Central American migrants at the U.S. border.

Camp David is an unusual destination for Obama. His last visit was Aug. 3-4 of 2013, almost a year ago, when he celebrated his 52nd birthday.

The trip will be his 33rd visit to Camp David, according to CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller, the unofficial but meticulous chronicler of presidential outings. Obama went to Camp David only three times in 2013.

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