Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization VIDEO

Just how batshit crazy is Nancy Pelosi? Now she’s claim Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization. Yes, the Hamas that kills Jews, Americans and is designated a terrorist organization by our own State Department. Watch the following video of Nancy Pelosi claiming Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization:

Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization VIDEO
Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization VIDEO

There must be something in the water in San Francisco. Either that, or the botox seeping into Nancy Pelosi’s veins has really screwed up whatever brain she had left.

Imagine if Saturday Night Live was still funny. Could you imagine the skits mocking Nancy Pelosi calling a terrorist group like Hamas a ‘Humanitarian Organization.’ Maybe all the wine Pelosi has been sipping from her private vineyards has gone to her head.

Progressive liberal Democrats are always terrorist sympathizers. Progressives in America like Pelosi are a lot like Hamas. Either you agree with their warped ideology, or you are targeted, threatened, smeared and some times even the victim of violence.

This is where we are in Obama’s AmeriKa in 2014. A terrorist organization like Hamas, which uses kids as human shields is now a humanitarian organization. Oy vey.

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  • Brawnde

    Are the top Democrats having a contest of absurdities?
    Reid – The border is secure.
    Pelosi – Illegal aliens are just like the baby Jesus and Moses.
    Obama – Muslims built the fabric of our nation.
    Pelosi – Humas is a humanitarian organization.
    Reid – you’re up!

  • Mary

    She is delusional. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Wonder how she would like living under Sharia. She knows the real truth. As far as I’m concerned, she is a traitor to the United States.

  • NewClassTraitor

    I hold absolutely no brief for Nancy Peelousy — but she was quoting what the Qataris told her, and didn’t give the impression that she bought it herself.
    And yes, as a “humanitarian” organization setting up schools and clinics IS how those gangsters at first sold themselves — even Israel was fooled in the very beginning (1980s). The schools, of course, were used for recruitment and indoctrination, what else?