ISIS praises crusader John McCain for blessed events unfolding today

Not many people realize that your tax dollars are actually funding ISIS in Iraq and Syria. One of the slugs you can thank for ISIS funding is John McCain. He was praised by ISIS in their new online magazine called Dabiq. In it, ISIS praises the ‘crusader’ John McCain for the ‘blessed events unfolding today’. That would be the beheading, stoning and other barbaric Muslim acts that ISIS is conducting today in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS praises crusader John McCain for blessed events unfolding today
ISIS praises crusader John McCain for blessed events unfolding today

The terrorist organization just released an online magazine called “Dabiq” for its English readership for Ramadan. In the magazine, ISIS justifies stoning women for adultery and mass executions of their enemies, while touting their compassion and generosity with orphans and the impoverished. Additionally, ISIS goes after only one American politician—Senator John McCain (R-AZ), for a June 12 floor speech of he delivered about ISIS:

“…the crusader John McCain came to the Senate floor to rant irritably about the victories the Islamic State was achieving in Iraq. He forgot that he himself participated in the invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s bounty and justice.”

Thanks Johnny boy! As if your fatass daughter wasn’t bad enough. Sucking up to ISIS and getting praise from them is a real slap in the face to all Americans.

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  • Common sense

    Time to go home, John. I believe you still mean well, but it is time to go. Thank you for your service.

  • The Mad Jewess

    Dude, if you see a country all screwed up, blame JOHN MCCAIN.
    He is the worlds biggest douch* bag

    • James B

      No actually Racist Israel occupies all those positions, not just Palestine and Washington DC

      • Levy Octune


        • James B

          Ahhh yes
          Projecting, typical defensive maneuver. First instincts prove correct. Thank you.

  • StevenX

    Just the fact that ISIS got so close to McCain and let him live is reason enough to bomb them.

    • James B

      Steve the fact that you are ignorant to America’s creation and full funding and support for groups like Al-CIAduh an ISIS show your lack of critical thinking skills and gullibility to state sponsored propaganda and terrorism. Maybe you could take a class to improve that.

      • Levy Octune

        monsters do whatever they want …they don’t give a damn about America…Maybe you should take a trip to Iraq and see it for yourself. stop reading propaganda from ISIS magazine.
        Anyone dumb enought to think these guys will slaughter people in there own country for America need help.

        • James B

          America creates all the boogey men and your nothing more than a parrot. Polly wants a cracker. Monsters indeed zioNAZI zombies from the pit of Gehenna. Crack went the whip as it sliced through his cheek with the precision of a keenly placed razor blade. You are bested dishonorable one.

        • James B

          Yeas I agree monsters do whatever they want, especially the monsters that live in Israel and commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • JOHN

    “other barbaric Muslim acts”,,,,lets get one thing clear. These people aint muslim and have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Islam. so dont call them muslims please

    • Levy Octune

      I know they don’t. All of the Christians in Iraq should seek help in Iran or Saudi Arabia…right!

  • James B

    Not true. IMF induced poverty has created disparate people. Even now my friends tell me about ISIS recruiters. No different really than the ‘Christian outreach programs’ that have attempted to colonize the nations and cultures. They are using extremism to lure people that have no jobs because the multinationals, central banks, and their political cheer leading squads are creating these terror groups to redesign the Middle East and every nation. Through fear people are easily manipulated.

  • MobyJack

    John Mc Clown strikes again!