ISIS-ISIL and Turkish flag hang from home in Garwood New Jersey

If you hang an American flag on your home, you will ‘offend’ people and be forced to take it down by local property owners. However, in Garwood New Jersey, you can hang an ISIl-ISIS flag and a Turkish flag with no problem until the picture goes viral on social media. Free Beacon has the story and a screenshot of the home in Garwood New Jersey with the ISIL-ISIS flag hanging from it. We sure have come far in America haven’t we? American flags are offensive and ISIL-ISIS are cool.

ISIS-ISIL and Turkish flag hang from home in Garwood New Jersey
ISIS-ISIL and Turkish flag hang from home in Garwood New Jersey

Police in Garwood, New Jersey, confirmed that a militant flag associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) was removed from the front of a local home after hundreds of online activists expressed fear and revulsion.

Garwood Police Chief Bruce D. Underhill confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that officers were “aware of the situation” and residents at the suburban home “voluntarily” agreed to remove the flag.

A photo of the home with the ISIL and Turkish flags was tweeted out Tuesday morning and quickly attracted hundreds of retweets and comments.

Underhill told the Free Beacon that the police are aware of the situation and are working to uphold the public safety.

“Thank you for your concern regarding this important matter,” Underhill wrote the Free Beacon in an email Wednesday afternoon. “Only with the public’s continued cooperation can we keep our communities safe.”

“Please be assured that the Garwood Police are aware of the situation and have taken the appropriate steps,” Underhill wrote. “At this time, the flag in question has been voluntarily taken down. No further comments.”

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