Chelsea’s “apartment” was really MetroCare Home Services

Seems Chelsea doesn’t live at that “apartment” anymore. You know the one at where Hillary Clinton went yesterday after her collapse? It turns out 21 east is/was MetroCare Home Services (on the fourth floor). I’m sure that’s purely a coincidence that Hillary Clinton went there and now the .gov site says it’s there for “historical purposes” or something. Thank InfoWars_Sniper on Twitter for finding this little gem about “Chelsea’s Apartment” really being MetroCare Home Services.

Chelsea’s “apartment” was really MetroCare Home Services

Again I ask. Why is Hillary Clinton touching a little girl in front of MetroCare Home Services when she has contagious pneumonia? Is she trying to spread her bacteria and disease on to the poor little girl being used as a political prop? And why did the media allow Hillary Clinton to get away with yet another lie about MetroCare Home Services being Chelsea’s apartment?

Are these arrogant really that stupid to not realize the Internet exists?

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  • Michael Onoo

    They have blamed everything except for global warming for Hillary’s failing health.

    • teriobrien

      Actually, I saw one liberal nutjob on twitter blame global warming, as in, that’s why it was so hot (you know 70 some degrees) and that’s why Hillary overheated.

  • Sue Hanson

    Don’t be ridiculous! Hillary did not spread pneumonia – that is not Hillary. Further, the pneumonia story is likely just a clumsy attempt to hide what is really wrong with her.

    • Debbie A

      Agreed… It may be pneumonia but probably from aspirating because of the parkinsons which would make her not contagious… which is the bigger problem.

  • More like she was pissed out of her face at the 911 event like her bestest friend in the world George dubya bush absolutely smashed and trying to get everyone dancing at that police funeral
    Nothing would surprise me