Waterboarding terrorists = EVIL, torture – racists torturing white male (not evil)

Want to know just hot fucked up of a world we live in today? How about the leftist media’s reaction to the Chicago torturing of a white, special needs man by black leftists racist thugs who hate Trump?

Remember how upset the media and leftist Democrats were over waterboarding terrorists? Even Republicans like John McCain bemoaned how evil and “inhumane” the “torture” of terrorists were by pouring water on them.

Waterboarding terrorists = EVIL, torture – racists torturing white male (not evil)
Waterboarding terrorists = EVIL, torture - racists torturing white male (not evil)

Waterboarding was torture the media yelled. Protesters and leftists groups protested the “torture” of these poor little Gitmo terrorists who were involved in the killing of at least 3,000 on 9/11.

Fast forward to present day, 2017. Four blacks kidnapped, torture and make a special needs white man drink from a toilet in Chicago. The beat him, taunt him, yell fuck white people and fuck Trump at him. They gag him and broadcast it on Facebook.

Initially, the black lives matter kidnapping and tortured were ignored by the corrupt Democrat media complex. Then, as the media was forced to pay a little lip service to the story as the backlash grew bigger, you get reactions from leftists like Don Lemon on CNN claiming that this torturing wasn’t evil. It was just bad preparing or something.

Basically, where we are in 2017 is that pouring water on Islamic terrorists who killed Americans is bad and torture. Actual, physical and mental torture by four black leftist, racist thugs in Chicago of a special needs white man because Donald Trump won the election isn’t evil. It’s not torture according to the same media who whined about waterboarding.

Initially, even the Chicago PD didn’t want to classify it this as a hate crime, but they have since reversed themselves and classified it properly as a hate crime.

I just don’t get it.

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    How ’bout waterboarding the media?