4 killed in Israel after Muslim terrorist truck attack

Another day, another Muslim terrorist attack with a truck. This time in Israel, where four people were killed and about 15 others were injured.

4 killed in Israel after Muslim truck attack
4 killed in Israel after Muslim truck attack

Do you ever get the feeling that real news out there is not getting to us? I certainly do. Case in point. I just found out about this. In Jerusalem, a Jihadist used yet another truck to plow into a crowd of unsuspecting Israeli soldiers. He killed four and injured at least fifteen. The pictures and video are horrific, so brace yourselves. All the victims are believed to have been in their 20’s. The Jihadist was shot and killed through the truck’s windshield as he drove over the soldiers and then backed up over them for good measure.

ISIS has taken credit for the deadly attack, but it was a Palestinian behind the wheel. It was a copycat of the Berlin and Nice massacres. If you’ll remember, it has also happened here in the US. The soldiers had just gotten off a bus, when the truck plowed into them. Two of the fifteen wounded are in critical condition. The Jihadist trapped ten people under the wheels of the truck before standing on the brakes and backing up over them. Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement that the Palestinian Jihadist was indeed a part of ISIS.

Allahu Ackbar! I’m sure this is music to Obama and the anti-Semitic Democrat’s ears.

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