Intelligence community official tells NeverTrumper Trump will “die in jail”

John Schindler a #NeverTrump hack blogger for the New York Observer says he has “friends” in the intelligence community who are about to go “nuclear” on Trump and that Trump will “die in jail.” These are your wonder Obama and W. Bush hold overs who are still butthurt over the election. Fasten your seat-belts.

Intelligence community official tells NeverTrumper Trump will “die in jail”
Intelligence community official tells NeverTrumper Trump will

Notice the “we go nuclear” crack in John Schindler’s tweet? Seems he is on board with this smear. I wonder how much Soros, McCain, Lindsey Graham and other Bush licking hacks are a part of this? This is a blogger for the Observer. “We go nuclear?” Even CNN hasn’t sunken this low (yet.)
Seems it’s not just the Democrats who will not stop short of treason to smear Trump. Establishment, GOP hacks seem just as bad as Democrats. I guess they are all still hurt that Jeb Bush was so throughout embarrassed and humiliated in the primary. Oh, and in case you had any doubts that John Schindler is a #NeverTrump hack, he’s already admitted it on multiple occasions:

Seems Schindler also considers anyone who voted for Trump to be an “Alt-Righter.”

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  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    Trump Intel SWAT Team needs to find this POS, reverse rendition him to a “friendly” to sweat his contacts and roll up the entire nest of traitors.

    We have a civil war on our hands with Obama intel plants. This was planned long ago by the community organizer.

    It’s Obama, not Trump, who will die in jail for this.