Call the wambulance! – Chuck Todd whines about Trump presser

Boo hoo. Leftist media hacks are mad. Trump held a press conference today to announce his new Labor Secretary pick and took questions from basically all leftist propaganda media outfits who were in the room. Trump calmly answered all the questions while also completely owning and destroy the Soros media complex for being the fake news hacks that they truly are. Chuck Todd of NBC is now whining on Twitter about how “it’s corrosive” for people in power like Trump to bash the press. Of course, you didn’t hear a word out of Chuck Todd when Obama constantly bashed Fox News because he didn’t like their coverage.

Call the wambulance! – Chuck Todd whines about Trump presser
Call the wambulance! - Chuck Todd whines about Trump presser

Chuck Todd also tweeted the irony of all ironies, telling those applauding Trump’s dismantling of the press to “Take off your partisan hats for a second.”

Say what? The entire Soros media complex, including Chuck Todd are so hated because they are partisan! Left wing Democrat partisan media hacks like Chuck Todd have destroyed what used to be an honorable job of being a journalist. Chuck Todd is the LAST person who should be throwing stones about taking off your partisan hate. This idiots just never learn do they?

The media always loves to bitch and moan about the First Amendment. That’s exactly what Trump is using to expose the media hacks for the frauds they are. Chuck Todd and other leftist media hacks only want First Amendment to apply to those who’s talk they agree with.

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  • vendome

    The media is treating Trump exactly like they treated the American people for 8 years – with contempt.

    The media UNFAIRLY labeled whole segments of the American people as racist, bigot, homophobe, etc. if those very same people objected to any Obama policy.

    The Media lied about the American people for 8 years. The American people assume they are lying about Trump.

    The Trust is Gone!