When will NBC retract story about Trump not paying taxes for 18 years?

After tonight’s Maddow fail, NBC has undercut CNN as the least trusted name in news. NBC’s phony story about not paying income taxes for 18 years was posted on October 2, 2016. It’s still up and running on NBC’s phony news site? Reputable news sites make errors all the time, and usually correct them. Not NBC though. This is what they wrote back in October:

When will NBC retract story about Trump not paying taxes for 18 years?
When will NBC retract story about Trump not paying taxes for 18 years?

Three tax experts hired by the Times said the size of the deduction and tax rules governing wealthy filers could have allowed Trump to legally pay no federal income taxes for 18 years. There is nothing in the report that shows he actually took advantage of the rules to avoid paying taxes.

Trump has based his campaign on his experience as a successful businessman, vowing to rewrite trade agreements and make deals with other countries that would ensure jobs return to the U.S.

Trump has declined to release his tax returns, an issue which was raised by his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton at the Sept. 26 presidential debate.

Based on this false NBC report on Trump not paying any taxes for 18 years, Hillary Clinton even claimed the same thing during one of the debates. The media ran with this phony NBC story and never looked back. If I were someone associated with the Trump team, I would demand NBC retract this lying story, after they got rick-rolled tonight with Rachel Maddow.

Of course, that’s assume NBC had any credibility left at all, which they don’t. First it was Brian Williams, and tonight Rachel Maddow finally finished this dinosaur network off.

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  • Carter_Burger67

    Look for this story to disappear from the media’s conciousness.