Rahm Emanuel’s brother has meltdown on Fox News Sunday

When you have leftist scum like Zeke Emanuel (brother of Rahm) and Soros paid goon Neera Tanden on the show, you know the insults will flow. Today, on Fox News Sunday, the leftist meltdown of both Zeke Emanuel and Neera Tanden was your typical leftist insult-fest, while trying to defend ObamaCARE. Neera Tanden for instance, claimed it was “Fake news” that ObamaCARE is in a death spiral.

Rahm Emanuel’s brother has meltdown on Fox News Sunday
Rahm Emanuel's brother has meltdown on Fox News Sunday

The idiots at Fox News recently hired Rahm Emanuel’s brother as a Fox News contributor. This is what you get when you hire leftist scum like that. What a bonehead move.

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  • david7134

    I only watch Tucker Carlson. Otherwise FOX is just like all the rest. If I had The money I would start a pure conservative outlet and make a ton of money.