Who do you trust more? Trump or Paul Ryan?

Who do you believe more? President Donald Trump or Eddie Munster Jr. Paul Ryan? Seems that most people at least according to this CBS poll trust Trump way more than they do Munster Ryan.

Who do you trust more? Trump or Paul Ryan?
Who do you trust more? Trump or Paul Ryan?

Trump has overwhelming authority over those who described themselves as Trump believers — 75 percent reported they trusted the president as their sole source of political information, and only 2 percent said the same of Ryan. Twenty-two percent of believers said they trusted both men equally.

Surprisingly, those in both the “believer” and “conditional” support categories agreed that Trump needed “to be his own kind of president,” although the conditionals were more likely to assert that, with 80 percent. Seventy-eight percent of believers reported the same belief.

Regardless if these people support Trump or Ryan, no one in this group seems to like RyanCARE.

Neither group was especially supportive of the GOP health care plan. Thirty-two percent of believers support the measure, and only 11 percent opposed. Fifty-seven percent of all believers reported it was too early to say if they supported the plan.

Conditionals were less likely to support the plan, with 15 percent approving the bill; 5 percent of those who were curious about if Trump supported the measure. Forty-three percent of voters in that category opposed the plan.

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