Fox News suspends Andrew Napolitano indefinitely! Outrageous!

This is outrageous! Fox News has suspended Judge Andrew Napolitano for daring to speak his mind about the Obama wiretapping of Trump Tower!

Fox News suspends Andrew Napolitano indefinitely! Outrageous!
Fox News suspends Andrew Napolitano indefinitely! Outrageous!

Judge Andrew Napolitano gets suspended for reporting on information that he had, that still hasn’t been verified to be true or not. Yet idiots like Geraldo Rivera, Shepard Smith and Juan Williams are free to spread lies on a daily basis on nothing happens to them. Fox News is officially toast. Time for One American Network. The only way I will watch Fox News anymore is if video clips on the Internet show something newsworthy.

Fox News needs to be bled dry of their advertising revenue. What’s next for Fox News? Are they going to try and hire Anderson Cooper away from CNN?

Trump has promised that over the next two weeks, more will come out on the Obama wiretapping story. I hope he has to goods on whatever British firm Napolitano was referring too. Seeing egg on the face of Democrats and their media surrogates will be funny. I’d love to see this blow up in Fox News’ face too.

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  • Chilliraine

    Oh well!!! Guess I’m boycotting Fox as well!!! Where is the freedom of speech??? Or does that only apply to some???

  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    Dead Fox. Roadkill on the highway of Truth.

    Breitbart, hire this guy!

  • ppeony

    FOX???R UCRAZY. JUAN,ANDREA,GERALDO,3stooges. Still there. Only guy with brains let go. He was right. Losing me each day.