Roger Ailes dies, leftists celebrate

Roger Ailes, one time CEO of Fox News has died at age 77. As is typical when people considered conservative die, like Roger Ailes, the progressive tolerant left wing Democrats celebrate on dance on his grave. Check out some of the disgusting tweets from the “peace, love and tolerant” liberals:

Roger Ailes dies, leftists celebrate
Roger Ailes dies, leftists celebrate

This is just a small sample of the peace loving and tolerant “progressive” liberal Democrats. Always full of class and dignity whenever someone dies, especially someone they didn’t agree with.

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  • Charlotte Wiggs

    Wow. Such class. I so want to grow up and be a hateful person who can’t keep my mouth shut and let it just be. /sarc off

  • AZ Jeff

    The irony is, every one of these haters will make the same transition one day. The proverb you reap what you sow comes to mind . . .

  • Dixon Apples

    That fat pig better have a secret grave…shitting on it is on my bucket list.