Indiana state senate bill 0400 – block federal detainment of U.S. citizens under NDAA

Wow, I’m actually impressed. Politicians doing something to actually protect their citizens from unconstitutional laws. Indiana state Senate bill SB0400 aims to block enforcement of the unconstitutional NDAA bill signed into law by Obama and created by both power hungry Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. House of Representative. Let this be a lesson, and a blue print for other strong conservative states to not only enforcement of the NDAA.


Aid in enforcing unconstitutional laws. Prohibits specified state actors in Indiana from aiding certain United States agencies or other state actors in the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a person lawfully in Indiana under a state or federal law that the state actor knows or reasonably should know violates the due process clause of the United States Constitution or the Due Course of Law Clause of the Indiana Constitution, and prohibits state actors from investigating, prosecuting, or detaining a person lawfully in Indiana under a state or federal law that the state actor knows or reasonably should know violates the due process clause of the United States Constitution or the Due Course of Law Clause of the Indiana Constitution. Makes a knowing or intentional violation a Class A misdemeanor.

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Mitt Rommey wins Indiana – state that Obama won in 2008 and Kentucky

mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoOne state Obama won in 2008 has already flipped back to Mitt Romney. Romney is currently winning over 60% of the vote. In Kentucky, another early call, Romney is winning at the time of this post 70% to 29%. As expected, hippie land Vermont went to Obama.
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Obama kissing governor turned ambulance chaser Charlie Crist to speak at DNC convention

obama-crist-kiss-hugHow fitting. Charlie Crist may claim to have been a Republican once, but he really was nothing but a Democrat running as a Republican in a conservative state like Florida so he could get elected. Crist showed his true colors during the 2010 mid term elections when Marco Rubio crushed him in the Republican primary. Crist so desperate to win a Senate seat, he decided to run as an independent. Crist once again got crushed by Marco Rubio. Crist was so bitter he finished out his term as governor and became an ambulance chaser. Now, two years later Crist is still as bitter as ever. He endorsed Obama over the past weekend, and has been awarded with a speaking slot at the DNC Convention. Snort. That should really bring in the big crowds. Crist is so insignificant in the state of Florida that Jeb Bush is far more popular than him, Yes, a Bushie. I guess Crist is the Democrat’s answer to the Republicans getting Artur Davis to speak at their convention.

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Sniff. Benedict Arlen Specter whines Obama ditched him after passage of ObamaCARE

Arlen SpecterArlen Specter is whining in a new book that Obama ditched him after he was the 60th vote to pass ObamaCARE. According to The Hill, Specter is also whining that Harry Reid not uphold his promise to grant him seniority accrued over 28 years of service in the Senate as a Republican. If these stories are true, I really have to give some credit to both Obama and dingy Harry Reid. Good for them for stabbing this back stabber in the back.

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Missouri Primary Poll – Santorum 45 percent, Romney 34 percent, Ron Paul 13 percent (Gingrich didn’t qualify for the ballot)

rick-santorumNext Tuesday’s Missouri primary is little more than a “beauty contest.” It’s a non-binding primary that doesn’t even have Newt Gingrich on the ballot because he failed to qualify. On March 17th, Missouri holds  a caucus that will determine how the delegates will be allocated among the candidates. But for this upcoming non-binding primary, Newsmax reports that Rick Santorum leads Mitt Romney 45% to 34%. Ron Paul gets 13%.

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Ann Coulter on Red Eye – I would prefer Ron Paul as president to Newt Gingrich

ron-paul-nutjobOn fiscal and domestic issues? Hell yea I’d rather have Ron Paul as president over Newt Gingrich.  In fact, I’d prefer Ron Paul over probably everyone else in the current GOP field. On foreign policy, not so much. I can’t stand Gingrich either, but I can’t muster as much dislike for Gingrich as Ann Coulter has ginned up. First she creamed herself over RINO Chris Christie. Then she went to flip flopper Mitt Romney. She is so against Newt Gingrich being the GOP nominee and president that she declared on Red Eye last night that she’d prefer Ron Paul to be president over Newt Gingrich.

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The 112th Congress is finally set as Randy Altschuler concedes to progressive liberal Tim Bishop in NY1

democrat-logoProgressive liberal Tim Bishop managed to win New York’s 1st congressional district, as Randy Altschuler has conceded. This was the last seat that needed to be decided for the 112th Congress. The final total gives Republicans a historic 63 seat gain. The final total for the House in the 112th Congress will be 242 Republicans and only 193 Democrat Marxists. This race was rated a toss up be Real Clear Politics. Altschuler released this statement:
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RINO John McCain whines that the Senate will be ‘poorer’ without his far left pal Russ Feingold

john-mccainIf only RINO John McCain was joining Russ Feingold on the unemployment line this coming January. Poor John is going to miss his Wisconsin Obama clone Russ Feingold. Sniff.  While we still wait for the whole tax issue to get resolved, poor Johnny bid a heartfelt goodbye to Feingold, who was crushed by Republican Ron Johnson in the November election:

“I have to confess I think the Senate will be a much poorer place without Russ Feingold in it,” McCain said in a floor speech.


These two should get a room on New Year’s eve or something. McCain also said:

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Barney Frank: Serving on Appropriations Committee in Republican House Will Be A ‘Pain In The Ass’

Barney-Frank-Jail-Justice2.gifSo what’s the problem here Barney? Don’t you like things that are a “great pain in the ass”? I would think Barney Frank would be getting all giddy at the thought of something becoming a “great pain in the ass.” According to CNSNEWS, House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank has that serving on the Appropriations Committee in the incoming Republican-majority House of Representatives will be a “great pain in the ass.”

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Ann Marie Buerkle wins New York’s 25th congressional district as Dan Maffei concedes – GOP now at 63 seat gain in the House

ann-marie-buerkleDown goes another far left progressive liberal Marxist! Ann Marie Buerkle is officially the winner of New York’s 25th congressional district as far left crank Dan Maffei has finally conceded! This district, once considered safe for Democrats, and even rated as “Leans Dem” by Real Clear Politics on election night is yet another slap in the face of the far left loons who continue their power grab in America. Oh, and Buerkle was also endorsed by Sarah Palin too. All those left wing media hacks who thought this would hurt Buerkle even more in a district like this have gotten their own slap in the face. The official win of this seat now puts the GOP at a 63 seat gain in the 2010 midterm elections, with about three seats still undecided. The GOP now will hold at least 242 seats int he 112th congress! Time Magazine painfully posted Maffei’s concession statement. Here’s another progressive liberal who at least had some class in his farewell unlike a lot of others.

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Another progressive liberal Marxist fired! Solomon Ortiz concedes to Blake Farenthold in race for Texas 27th Congressional District

rnc-logoHit the road jack! The Republican takeover of the House now stands at 62 seats with 4 more undecided as progressive liberal Marxist Solomon Ortiz has conceded to Blake Farenthold in the race for Texas 27th Congressional District. Republicans now how 241 seats for the 112th Congress, the most in over 60 years! Unlike most sore loser progressive liberal Marxists like Bob Etheridge or Alan Grayson, Ortiz was at least graceful in his concession and announcement upon losing.

“With great respect and admiration in the Democratic process, I congratulate my opponent, Mr. R. Blake Farenthold, in his election to the 27th Congressional District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives.”
“I wish him well. I ask Mr. Farenthold, as I have done so for the past 27 years, to represent every one of his constituents in this Congressional District. I respectfully urge him to continue to: spur economic growth in South Texas; reduce the unemployment rate; help working families succeed; provide affordable health care for all Americans; secure our U.S.-Mexico border from violence and drug war; and ensure America can continue to be a land of freedom, opportunity and prosperity for all.”

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Congressman Bob Etheridge who assaulted student finally concedes NC-2 race to Renee Ellmers

democrat-logoAfter acting like a baby and demanding a recount, Democrat Bob Etheridge has lost AGAIN, and has finally decided to concede the race for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional district House seat to Republican challenger Renee Ellmers. You remember Bob Etheridge don’t you? He’s the one who physically assaulted a student on a Washington DC street back in July, and kept saying “Who are you?”

Etheridge WAS a six-term Congressman and released a whiny, snotty statement announcing his decision (From CNN):

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