Ben Hueso – California Democrat arrested for DUI

Ben Hueso, a California state senator from San Diego pulled a Rosemary Lehmberg and got arrested for DUI. What is it with Democrats and driving while drunk? Oh yea, they always think they are above the law.

Ben Hueso - Calfornia Democrat arrested for DUI
Ben Hueso – Calfornia Democrat arrested for DUI

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Mexico Police chief killed with rifle from Obama/Holder Fast & Furious

obama-laughingLuis Lucio Rosales Astorga was a Mexican police chief. He was killed in Jalisco from an Obama/Eric Holder Fast and Furious weapon. With all the talk about ‘scandals’ surrounding the Obama regime, one scandal that the media continues to ignore is Fast and Furious. You remember Fast and Furious don’t you? That was Obama and Eric Holder’s gun running program to Mexico that has lead to the death of at least two Americans and hundreds of Mexicans? As Jay Carney said, Fast and Furious was ‘a long time ago’ and the media lapdog have ignored it since. Aside from Sharyl Attkisson, the media has ignored this scandal even when the news of Brian Terry’s death was made public. With the ‘news‘ of Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga’s death from an Obama/Holder Fast and Furious weapon being dumped on the a Friday after the July 4th holiday, the media can ignore this too and no one will know of it.
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Sharyl Attkisson – bizarre things happened to computer during work on Benghazi, Fast & Furious

goofy-hussein-obamaSharyl Attkisson is a rarity. An actual journalist who investigates things like Fast and Furious and Benghazi. I can’t think of any reporter outside of Fox News who can claim the same thing. Bizarre things starting happening on Sharyl Attkisson’s computer during work on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, an amazing coincidence. The computer would turn on and shut off on it’s own, among other odd behavior. Attkisson couldn’t say if she thought the hacking of her work computer had anything to do with Fast and Furious and Benghazi investigations because of “legal counsel.” It’s a lot like James Rosen has hasn’t been able to say much because he has obtained legal counsel as well.

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Remember when Eric Holder lied under oath to Congress about Fast and Furious?

eric-holder1The James Rosen/Fox News scandal in which Eric Holder lied under oath to Congress isn’t the only time the corrupt AG has lied under oath to Congress. Back in 2011, Eric Holder lied under oath to Congress during testimony about Fast and Furious. Back in May 2011, the corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that he “could not recall” the exact date of when he heard about the Fast and Furious scandal. Holder then said he ”probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” The being sometime in April in 2011. However, according to documents that were later discovered, Eric Holder was sent briefings on the scandal Fast and Furious operation as far back as July 2010. This totally contradicts his statements to Congress. Of course the media didn’t pay any attention to his perjury then either.
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Fox News’ William La Jeunesse & producer Mike Levine also spied on by DOJ

obama-faceFox News reporter William La Jeunesse & producer Mike Levine join James Rosen as being spied on by the Obama/Eric Holder ‘Department of Justice.’ The new word that seems to be the favorite to describe the spying is ‘chilling.’ I don’t find it chilling. I find it downright corrupt, criminal and borderline treasonous. William La Jeunesse and Mike Levine were spied on over Fast and Furious.

Don’t expect the rest of the media to be outraged over this like they were over the AP spying.

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Eric Holder throws a tantrum – calls Rep. Issa ‘Shameful’ (Video)

Eric Holder calling ANYONE shameful is ironic at best. Holder had this to say to Rep. Issa during testimony today:

“The way you conduct yourself as a member of Congress is unacceptable and shameful”

Eric Holder Calling Rep. Issa Shameful

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ABC, CBS & CNN top executives all have siblings or spouses working directly for Obama

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosWell this explains the media’s Benghazi cover-up and the tongue baths for Obama on a daily basis. Turns out that ABC, CBS and CNN all have top executives that just so happen to have siblings or spouses who work directly for Obama in his corrupt regime. Want to know why Fast and Furious was blown off? Want to know why Michelle Obama’s secret hospital visit to Saudi National Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was never reported? Now we know. The only network missing from this list is NBC. They of course were owned by GE when Obama first became president, and Obama has cozyed up to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt. He still sits on Obama’s board of advisers today. Even though Comcast bought a majority stake in NBC/Universal, GE still owns a significant minority share in the propaganda network.

Virginia Mosley, Ben Sherwood, David Brooks propaganda media
ABC, CBS & CNN executives tied to the White House

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Obama blames America for violence in Mexico for lust of guns and drugs

obama-constitutionObama kicked off his first apology tour of 2013 by bashing America in Mexico. He blamed Mexico’s violence on America’s ‘lust’ for drugs and guns. This is a bit ironic considering Obama bragged about doing a little blow in high school. It’s also funny because he was a part of the famous ‘choomgang.’ So is Obama’s lust for the drugs the cause of Mexico’s violence? Obama of course failed to mention Operation Fast and Furious that smuggled guns into Mexico and were given to drug cartels. Hundreds of Mexicans have died as a result of Operation Fast and Furious, yet the coward Obama didn’t make one mention of this.

Obama blames America for violence in Mexico over lust of guns/drugs

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Ted Nugent owns CNN hack Erin Burnett – says Eric Holder should be arrested (Video)

eric-holder1I loved this. Erin Burnett has been a ratings disaster for CNN. She’s also an ideological leftist hack who like the rest of the CNN hacks is trying to push their anti 2nd Amendment agenda. Ted Nugent wasn’t having any of that, and totally verbally bitchslapped Erin Burnett, asking her if she wants to stop gun trafficking. Burnett, caught off guard answers yes, and then Nugent asks Burnett if she will support Nugent’s recommendation of arresting Eric Holder.
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Washington Post fail! Print revenue down 12%, circulation down almost 9%

obama-frownSome things just bring a big smile to my face. When I see leftist, Obama drool cup carrying media continue to circle the toilet like the Washington Post, I know there is at least some sanity left in the world. The Washington Post is one of the main Obama drool cup media carriers who distorts the truth and ignores stories like Fast and Furious and Benghazi to protect their Messiah Obama. Too bad for them that print revenue down 12% and circulation dropped almost 9% in the fourth quarter.

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