Charlie Rangel cheats on taxes again! Fails to disclose $200,000 in funds from Harlem political club

corrupt-charlie-rangelForget Charlie Rangel’s 11 ethics violations for tax cheating three years ago. Chuckles Rangel and his partner in crime Democrat Inez Dickens ‘allegedly’ failed to disclose $200,000 in funds for their Harlem political club they have had since 1999. As usual, these two corrupt Democrats will probably get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

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Happy New Year! U.S. to hit debt ceiling on New Year’s Eve

timgeithnerIt’s almost 2013, and even before it starts the country is going to hit the latest debt ceiling. The scary thing is that tax cheat Tim Geithner claims that the Treasure Department will use what they call ‘extraordinary measures’ to prevent government borrowing from exceeding the legal limit.
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Barack Hussein Obama – 2004 tax cheat? Did Obama underreport his income to IRS?

barack-obama-arroganceOh my. This is how should I saw, interesting. American Thinker has discovered something very interesting from Obama’s 2004 tax returns. His tax records for 2004 do not reconcile with the State of Illinois Comptroller’s Office.

There are inconsistencies in the total compensation received as an Illinois State Senator. The largest error likely is President Obama’s omission of a “Leadership Stipend” of over $8,000. This stipend should have been recorded as income.

According to the Illinois Comptroller’s office, then-State Senator Obama received:

2004 State of IL compensation: $ 52,817.38 (salary)

$ 8,040.01 (leadership stipend)

$ 3,765.00 (per diem)

$ 2,400.00 (mileage)

Stipends for State of Illinois legislators are paid to Senators and Representatives by their respective minority or majority leader. These stipends are not used to support the legislator’s living costs, but are used by the leaders as bonuses. Stipends of this sort are taxable income, as they are given to enhance income.

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36 Obama aides owe $833,970 in back taxes – media silent

obama-crosseyed0-dumbassMaybe the pink slime media is too caught up in Mitt Romney’s 12 year old tax returns or something. They sure don’t seem to care about the fact that *36* Obama aides owe a grand total of nearly a million in back taxes. $833,970 in back taxes is owed to the government by Obama’s government lackey aides. This story was originally posted by ABC back in January, yet no followup by them, or any other propaganda media outfit has come in the wake of Obama’s smear against Romney. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence? But this isn’t limited to the 36 Obama aides. At the EPA for example, 413 people owe more than $19 million in back taxes! Nineteen Fricken Million dollars!
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Turbo Tax Cheat Tim Geither: Obama prevented a great depression or something (Video)

timgeithnerYes, the Obama regime, and his tax cheating cronies (who don’t pay their fair share) are still trying to claim that this country would have gone into a “Great Depression” if not for Messiah Obama’s stimulus and other economic failures. ABC let Turbo Tax Cheat Tim Geithner spew more Obama propaganda.

“But the — the actions the president took, at considerable political cost at the time — as you know, he had no support for them from the Republicans — were incredibly effective in preventing a Great Depression, getting growth restarted again very, very quickly.”

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Tax cheat Tim Geither says you need to pay more taxes because of your privilege of being an American (Video)

timgeithnerNow isn’t this ironic. You have a tax cheat like Tim Geither who is Oilbama’s Treasury Secretary. Geithner is one of several members of the Obama regime that has issues paying their own taxes. Yet according to little Timmy, you need to pay higher taxes simply for the privilege of being an American. Serious, he said that! Watch the following video. The arrogance of Marxist Democrats is astounding.
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Rich Marxist Democrat Air Claire McCaskill sells private plane

claire-obamas-jokerYou know those Occupy Wall Streeters just want “fairness” or something and those evil rich should pay more. You know, there should be extra taxes on corporate jet owners or something too. Yet, not one of these protests (and there were many in Missouri) ever made it to Air Claire McCaskill’s home or Senate office in Missouri. Oh and as far as taxes go, McCaskill was a tax cheat of nearly $300,000 when the whole issue of her private plane came up months ago. Still not a peep out of the “Occupiers.” Well now according to The Blaze, Democrat Marxist Air Claire McCaskill  has sold “the damn plane” after her use of it for official business and failure to pay back taxes created public backlash.

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Turbo Tax cheat Tim Geithner – Tax hikes wouldn’t hurt

timgeithnerGeithner claims that Obama’s tax hikes on the evil rich and middle class/poor wouldn’t hurt economic growth. It certainly wouldn’t hurt little ole Timmy since he doesn’t pay his anyway. Geithner said to The Hill that tax hikes are a good thing. Since many in the corrupt Obama regime don’t pay theirs anyway, they wouldn’t mind anyway.

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Corrupt tax cheating Democrat Charles Rangel stalks Rick Perry in New York

corrupt-charlie-rangelSo Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry was meeting with Hispanic business leaders in New York today, and who happens to appear? Non other than corrupt, tax cheating Democrat Charlie Rangel. WTF is this corrupt congressional member doing stalking Presidential candidates? Trying to get him to invest in some condos in the Domicican Republic or something? CNN of course sugar coats the story claiming Rangel was just doing the “neighborly thing” by welcoming Perry. Yea. uh huh.

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Democrat tax cheat Claire McCaskill says she doesn’t want to extend unemployment benefits any further – then claims comments taken out of context

claire-obamas-jokerMissouri far left Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill doesn’t care about the unemployed. She’s a tax cheat, parks her own “corporate jet” in Delaware to avoid Missouri state taxes, and now doesn’t give a sh*t about the unemployed. But what she actually said was of course taken out of context. You know, the usual Democrat excuse when they say something that reveals who they really are? According to The Hill, McCaskill said:

“I’m not for extending the unemployment benefits any further,” McCaskill said in an interview Tuesday with Missouri television station KMOV.

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