Remember when Leon Panetta said we lost track of Syria chemical weapons?

leon_panettaSeptember 2012 seems like so long ago doesn’t it? Only one year ago, then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he does not know if any potentially lethal chemicals have fallen into the hands of Syrian rebels or Iranian forces inside the country. Funny how this story which I find important is absent in all the discussion today about Syria and their chemical weapons.

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Report: Leon Panetta revealed classified SEAL unit info to Zero Dark Thirty filmmaker

leon_panettaLeon Panetta reportedly disclosed classified information designated as “top secret” and “secret” to the Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers at his presentation at the CIA awards ceremony. Leon Panetta was Obama’s CIA Director, a position now held by Muslim convert John Brennan. Politico (surprisingly) reports that Panetta also revealed the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the Osama bin Laden raid and named the unit’s ground commander.

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Chump Leon Panetta creating ‘hero medals’ for drone operators – higher prestige than Bronze Star

leon_panettaIt’s true. Leftists want to give people awards for everything. It’s like giving the 10th place finisher in a race a ribbon or something. Now the chump Leon Panneta is creating new ‘drone operator’ medals that will rank higher than Bronze Stars given to those people who are combatants in an actual war zone, not someone sitting behind a joystick operating a drone like a video game.
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Walnut farmer Leon Panetta wants our troops to take a pay cut

leon_panettaIt ain’t easy being Defense Secretary for a few more days for Leon Panetta. The same chump who jetted back and forth from California to DC at an estimated cost of least $860,000 to tax payers wants those in the military to take paycuts. This comes on the heals of Obama raising federal officials pay.

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Secretary of Defense soon to be Walnut farmer Leon Panetta admits information from waterboarding lead to the killing of Osama Bin-Laden (Video)

ksmjk0Leftists always complain that pouring water on Muslim terrorists was torture. I suppose they have a valid point, considering Muslim terrorists actually coming in contact with water for hygiene is torture to them. Today Leon Panneta, soon to be retired to his walnut farms in California admitted on NBC that waterboarding did in fact yield information that ended up killing Osama Bin Laden. This must be TORTURE to all the leftists to hear it from Panetta’s mouth, especially those on NBC.

Leon Panneta going away present – lifts ban on women in combat

leon_panettaI’m the kind of person that feels anyone who is best qualified for combat should be allowed into combat, regardless of sex. As Leon Panneta goes back to retire to his walnut farm in California, he is lifting the ban on women in combat. I personally don’t have a problem with it as long as it doesn’t turn into some sort of affirmative action program. If there are women who are as qualified as men for combat, then let them fight and kill those terrorists. That’s just my opinion.
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Great news! Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has lost track of Syria’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

leon_panettaI guess only under someone as clueless as Obama could we get a Secretary of Defense who is equally clueless. Leon Panetta has no business being Secretary of Defense, just like he had no business being director of the CIA when Obama’s reign of terror began. Panetta is nothing more than a clueless former Congressman from California. Well now Panetta has admitted to losing track to the weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Of course Panetta sure didn’t have any problems forgetting to take those tax payer funded jets back and forth from DC and his California walnut farm that cost taxpayer at least $860,000, now did he?  While 30,000 or so people have been slaughtered, the terrorists (or maybe the Assad government) have the chemical weapons that Leon Panetta knows nothing about their whereabouts. This is amateur hour at it’s finest. Only problem is, it’s dangerous.

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Is Leon Panetta the national security leaker?

leon_panettaEver since the Obama regime began leaking national security and intelligence information to the pink slime media like the New York Times and Washington Post, people wondered who was doing the leaking. Was it Obama himself to try and hype his image? Was it national security advisor Tom Donilon? How about the idiot they call Vice President Joe Biden? Now the Weekly Standard has another interesting theory on who the leaker could be. Could the leaker be Leon Panetta?

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Chump Leon Panetta says our troops show a lack of judgment, a lack of professionalism, and a lack of leadership

leon_panettaSo now our troops lack of judgment, lack of professionalism, lack leadership according to Walnut Farmin’ Leon Panetta. The same Leon Panetta who just the other day claimed that global warming is a “national security” threat, despite his 27+ round trips on tax payer funded government air craft to his California walnut farm and back to DC. Like there’s no carbon footprint there or something.

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Leon Panetta claims global warming is now a national security threat

leon_panettaLeon Panetta really has a lot of nerve. After the media ignored Panetta’s 27 round-trip flights since becoming Secretary of Defense in July to his walnut farm in California to DC, he’s now whining about global warming. I don’t understand something about liberals. Does their carbon footprint not exist or something? 27 cross country round trips in less than a year that cost taxpayers $860,000.

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