Obama transparency – Former Press Sectretary Robert Gibbs admits he was instructed to never to acknowledge drone program existed (Video)

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!Most transparent regime ever! One of NBC’s latest hirings is former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs, probably one of the worst press secretaries in US history. Today though, he admitted just how transparent the regime was. Robert Gibbs was instructed by the Obama regime to never acknowledge drone program existed.

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Obama hack Robert Gibbs agrees with Joe Biden and Paul Ryan – Middle class has been buried over the last four years (Video)

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!Plugs Joe Biden was right when he said the middle class has been buried over the last four years of Obama’s and the Democrat’s trickle down government. Paul Ryan agreed with plugs Biden, and apparently so did former Obama press security and current Obama hack Robert Gibbs. Except Gibbs seems to think that George W. Bush has been president over the last four years, and like a typical Obama drone, blamed Bush for Obama’s failures.
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It’s official! Robert Gibbs Worst Press Secretary in history quits after State of the Union address

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!Quitter! Come on, admit it! You are gonna miss all of Robert Gibbs’ uhss, and ummms, and “let me check on that for you” aren’t you? Yes, the worst White House Press Secretary in American history is quitting. While Gibbs will quit his current job after the State of the Union address  in the Obama regime, he will still be a big part of the regime as a whole. According to Fox News, bumbling Gibbs will

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Worst Press Secretary in History Robert Gibbs to quit soon?

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!Without a doubt, Robert Gibbs is the worst Press Secretary in the history of press secretaries. From the flat out arrogance, to the uhhms and uhhs, to the “I’ll have to check on that question.” Robert Gibbs has proven to be as big of a goof as Vice President Joe Biden. Now, according to the Washington Post, Gibbs may be moving on soon to “exploring other possibilities” such setting up his own consulting firm. Or maybe even be one of the leaders in Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

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Robert Gibbs says Obama not worried about Wikileaks because “It’s Only One Guy With One Website”

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!Well I’m glad Baghdad Bobbie Gibbs cleared things up! Obama regime isn’t concerened with the Wikileaks document dump, even though they had more than six months notice that it was coming. According to Gibbs, they aren’t concerned because Julian Assange is simply “One guy with a computer and domain name.” Whew, i’m glad they cleared that up aren’t you?

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Too good to check – Robert Gibbs to become next DNC chairman?

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!Oh please Democrats! Make this happen! /me crossing my fingers! Senior officials tell Politico that Democratic insiders are taking the temperature of some top party donors about the possibility of naming White House press secretary Robert Gibbs as chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) just ahead of Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. The current DNC chairman Tim Kaine, would be named to a top Obama regime post, perhaps in the Cabinet, the officials said. ummm… uhhhh.. you know.. uhh.

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Robert Gibbs now resorting to mocking John Boehner’s “tan” on twitter

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!How sad and pathetic is this Obama regime? They are now resorted to mocking John Boehner’s “tan” on twitter. Yes, the press secretary of the United States of America has resorted to a childish attack:

Don’t forget this handy clip & save graphic of “K Street Cabinet” (black & white photo doesn’t do that tan justice!)

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Gretchen Carlson smacksdown Robert Gibbs on Obama’s flip-flop

Robert Gibbs - worst press sec ever!This is awesome. Robert Gibbs is the worst Press Secretary in the history of this country. Gibbs is of course one of the main Obama mouthpiece’s so the BS spewed from this idiot’s mouth shouldn’t surprise anymore. Gibbs tries to claim that Obama supported the Iraq war surge, while Carlson called him out on the lie. Then Gibbs dodged questions 5 times when Carlson asked Gibbs if Obama plans to give Bush any credit for the Iraq war success that Obama as a Senator, and candidate talked down time after time. Even in 2002 when talk about the Iraq War began, Obama claimed it was a “dumb war.”


Robert Gibbs says Obama and U.S. Support U.N. Statement that “condemns” Israel

obama-pictureFirst it was Hillary, now its porky Gibbs. In his press briefing today, Robert Gibbs saying Obama and the U.S. support a U.N. statement which “condemns” acts that led to the loss of life of the terrorists on flotilla headed for the Gaza Strip.


Robert Gibbs AGAIN dodges Sestak question with “Let me check”

robert-gibbs-1Sound familiar? Like all the other times Gibbs has been asked about the Sestak question from the White House press pool? The calendar says June now, yet Gibbs is still sounding exactly the same as he did in February-May. Every time he gets asked about the Sestak job offer from Obama->Rahm Emanuel->Bill Clinton its the same thing, “let me check.” It doesn’t seem like the Maoist’s husband response has cleared up much of anything.


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