Jack Lew to replace tax cheat Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary

jack-lew-treasuryAs far as I know Jack Lew isn’t a tax cheat like Tim Geithner, so that’s an improvement. Also, Lew doesn’t appear to be anywhere as obnoxious as Tim Geithner, so that’s another plus. Otherwise, it’s a wash replacing the tax Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary with Jack Lew. Since Jack Lew currently serves as Obama’s Chief of Staff, this will open up another spot to Obama to fill. I wonder what far left radical he will pick to replace Lew as CoS.
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Turbo Tax cheat Tim Geither to leave as Treasury Secretary later this month?

timgeithnerAnother rat jumping the sinking Obama ship? Tax Cheat Tim Geither may leave his job as Treasure Secretary later this month, after Obama’s inauguration according to Obama’s presstitutes at NBC. That would be great if this tax cheat left, but think of the possibilities that Obama could replace Geithner with. That’s another scary thought.

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Happy New Year! U.S. to hit debt ceiling on New Year’s Eve

timgeithnerIt’s almost 2013, and even before it starts the country is going to hit the latest debt ceiling. The scary thing is that tax cheat Tim Geithner claims that the Treasure Department will use what they call ‘extraordinary measures’ to prevent government borrowing from exceeding the legal limit.
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Tax cheat Tim Geithner reveals Obama’s true intentions: ‘absolutely’ ready to go over the fiscal cliff

timgeithnerWhile tax cheat Tim Geithner revealed Obama’s true intentions of his desire to go over the fiscal cliff, he probably wouldn’t get that chance. As Republicans appear  more likely to cave to the Marxist regime’s demand of higher taxes just to save face, Geithner told CNBC that Obama is ‘absolutely’ ready to go over the fiscal cliff if he doesn’t get his higher tax demands and unlimited debt ceiling. If you’ve read my posts before, I say do it. Republicans will get the blame anyway. Let Americans see what they voted for (again) with the chump Obama, and enjoy the fruits of their vote. Taxes are going up on all Americans regardless of what happens with the fiscal cliff, as taxes on everybody increase as of January 1st, 2013 thanks to ObamaCare taxes, but of course you never hear about this in the media. How about a double dose of new taxes for all Americans? Let’s roll!

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Tax cheat Tim Geithner squirms as Chris Wallace busts him for phony non-existent war savings in Obama budget (Video)

timgeithnerI just have to chuckle watching a tax cheat like Tim Geithner instruct the American people how those evil rich people and small businesses need to pay more taxes for ‘the good of the country.’ This coming from a tax cheat Tim Geithner who ‘just forgot’ to pay $30,000 in taxes before he was announced as Obama’s Treasury Secretary. Part of Obama’s ‘budget cuts’ are phony war savings on non-existent wars that wouldn’t have been fought anyway. Yet Obama, Geithner and the Marxist Democrats want to count these as budget cuts in order to try and look like they are offering a ‘balanced plan.’ Chris Wallace owned Geithner over the phony war savings.
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Tax cheat Tim Geithner – ‘I have been the most f*cking transparent secretary of the Treasury in this country’s entire f*cking history!’

timgeithnerThis is how Marxist Democrats talk. They drop F-Bombs with every other word they spew. Take for instance tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Of course the tax cheat made these statements full of f-bomb in the fall of 2009, just a few months after becoming Treasury Secretary. Considering what we’ve learned since then, I think his schtick of:

‘I have been the most f*cking transparent secretary of the Treasury in this country’s entire f*cking history!’

is just a bit off.
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Libor scandal may involve tax cheat Tim Geithner

timgeithnerHmm. This is interesting, if true. The Libor scandal might involve non other than Obama’s own tax cheating Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner according to Robert Stacy McCain. According to his site, An unidentified employee of Barclays PLC told the New York Federal Reserve Bank over four years ago that the bank was filing false reports on a key interest rate. Guess who was head of the New York Fed Bank back then? None other than tax cheating Tim Geithner himself. Again, at this point it’s pure speculation, but Robert Stacy McCain isn’t just some hack that pulls false flags out of his ass. So we’ll see. Not like the pink slime media would report on it anyway if it was true.

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Obama – America’s fourth greatest President owned (along with Geithner and Biden) (Video)

obama-fail-smokeAmerican Crossroads released yet another epic ad owning Obama, dumb Joe Biden and tax cheat Tim Geither. It uses Obama and Biden’s own words against them, like the part where Obama declared himself the fourth best president in American history. Check out the following video.

Obama’s war on women: 92.3 percent of job losses under Obama regime are women

obama-frownNot only does the Obama regime pay women 18% less than their male counterparts, but a staggering 92.3% of the job losses under the Obama regime have been women. Even ABC hack had to concede in his softball interview with tax cheat Tim Geithner that the 92.3% is statically and “technically” accurate. Geithner responded by claiming the use of the statistic is “a ridiculous way to look at the problem.”

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brent-baker/2012/04/16/stephanopoulos-agrees-92-women-job-losses-statistic-accurate-after-abc-#ixzz1sFAg2KNL
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Turbo Tax Cheat Tim Geither: Obama prevented a great depression or something (Video)

timgeithnerYes, the Obama regime, and his tax cheating cronies (who don’t pay their fair share) are still trying to claim that this country would have gone into a “Great Depression” if not for Messiah Obama’s stimulus and other economic failures. ABC let Turbo Tax Cheat Tim Geithner spew more Obama propaganda.

“But the — the actions the president took, at considerable political cost at the time — as you know, he had no support for them from the Republicans — were incredibly effective in preventing a Great Depression, getting growth restarted again very, very quickly.”

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