Watch: Ted Cruz destroys Communist CNN hack Van Jones

communist-news-networkTed Cruz did CNN a big favor. He appeared on their falling redux of Crossfire to try and help them get ratings. Communist CNN hack Van Jones the former Obama Green Jobs Czar who had to resign in the middle of the night on a Saturday is one of CNN’s main hacks and panelist on Crossfire. Today Van Jones attempted to dress down Ted Cruz on Crossfire, and got destroyed in the process. Cruz not only took it and destroyed Van Jones, but far left Rhode Island Senator also tried to talk down Ted Cruz. Yet another bad idea from the socialist from Rhode Island. Newt Gingrich, the other so called ‘conservative’ on the panel sat there and twiddled his thumbs while Jones and Whitehouse tried to gang up on Cruz.

Ted Cruz destroys Communist CNN hack Van Jones

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Van Jones arrested in St. Louis

vanjonesVan Jones has been arrested in St. Louis. The CNN hack, admitted Communist and cop killer sympathizer was arrested outside of federal courthouse protesting “Corporate Greed.” Van Jones was also Obama’s Green Jobs Czar who resigned at midnight on a Saturday Night when people found out he was a 9/11 truther.

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Communist-Truther-Former Obama czar plays race card on Twitter – ignores pasty whites like Biden, Jennings, Axelrod, Geithner, Bernanke, etc

vanjonesHey remember Van Jones? The self avowed Communist, 9/11 truther and former Obama ‘green jobs’ czar? He’s great at playing the race card like all Democrats are these days. He’s like the next generation’s version of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Now, Jones is trying to imply that ‘four heroes’ are being targeted by the GOP because of their race. They are: Obama, Eric Holder, Van Jones himself and Susan Rice. Funny that Van Jones has such a high opinion of himself to refer to himself as a ‘hero.’ Hero to cop killers maybe. It’s also funny how Van Jones ignores the the criticism of Joe Biden, David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Tim Geither, Ben Bernanke, etc.

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This is CNN: Communist panelist and ex Obama Czar Van Jones calls Mitt Romney a ‘douche’ (Video)

cnn-obama-logoIs it any wonder why CNN’s ratings are plummeting to a 20 year low? If it’s not Soledad O’Brien basically campaigning for Obama and being called out on it, you have panelists like Communist, and former Obama Czar calling Mitt Romney a ‘douche.’ Since it’s just women who use douche products, maybe this is yet another attack with Obama’s war on women. Stay classy CNN.
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Dumb ass Van Jones jokes about how ALEC killed “two Trayvons” after mistakenly referring to Martin as Trayvon Williams (Video)

vanjonesHah hah. Joking about the dead is funny I guess. It must more of that wonderful progressive liberal humor like when they brag about getting a “quickie aborsh (abortion).” Van Jones was whining again about ALEC and blaming them for the Trayvon Martin death. Everyone has heard of Trayvon Martin by now, he’s a household name as no matter what you watch or listen to, something about the case is talked about. But dumb ass Van Jones called him Trayvon Williams for some reason. When he released what an idiot he was, he joked “THEY KILLED TWO TRAYVONS!” So funny. Sorry, I forgot the laugh.
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Van Jones: The Occupy movement pretty much saved the entire country from destruction or something (Video)

vanjonesfailApparently Obama’s occupiers saved America from destruction according to Van Jones. Wait, I thought the stimulus bill was supposed to do that?  Yes, the grungy, smelly, lice ridden, public defecating occutards somehow saved America in Van Jones’ warped mind. Of course, Van Jones was Obama’s green jobs czar and is a 9/11 truther, so why am I surprised he would utter such nonsense?
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Former Green Jobs czar Van Jones tell Obama million dollar donor Bill Maher that Justice Scalia wants people to die (Video)

vanjonesfailOk. Now you know the progressive liberal Democrat playbook. When/if the Supreme Court throws out ObamaCARE in June, they will blame Justice Scalia. Progressive liberal Democrats always show their cards too early. The problem is Republicans aren’t very good at poker, and don’t call them on it. You have racist libtalker Randi Rhodes comparing Justice Clarence Thomas to Scalia’s dog. Now you have Obama’s former Green Jobs czar, and 9/11 truther Van Jones claiming that Justice Scalia wants people to die. How’s that newy civility thingy working out for you libtards? Jones made his comments to Obama’s million dollar donor and pig Bill Maher.
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Former Obama regime thug Van Jones on Occupy Wall Street- you haven’t seen anything yet

vanjonesfailYou may notice in the following video on Occupy Wall Street sucking up CNN, the first individual they show is lotion man. You might remember him from his anti-Semitic rants when this whole occutard bowel movement began.  This is the same lotion man who spewed his Jew hate, yelling among other things to a man in a yarmulke, you’re a bum Jew! So it’s fitting he appears in the “highlights” of CNN’s video of the occutards. Then you have Van Jones, Obama’s Green Jobs “czar” who reportedly is one of the orchestrator’s of these “Occupy” events. According to the self anointed Communist, Van Jones says just wait, you haven’t seen anything else from the occutards. Not only that, but he promises recruit 2,000 candidates to run for office now “under this 99 percent banner.“ What’s the logo going to be? A piece of feces? Lice flakes? A hypodermic needle? Should be great, especially considering how popular this whole Occupy Wall Street bowel movement has become.
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Joe Biden can’t even remember a member of Obama’s corrupt regime Van Jones

dumb-joe-bidenOrdinarily, i’d call bullsh*t on a Vice President failing to remember a 9/11 truther being part of the corrupt regime. But in Joe Biden’s case, as dumb as he is, he might really have had no idea who Van Jones was. But lets also remember. Joe Biden was put in charge to oversee the epic failure that was the first stimulus package in 2009. How did that work out? Oh, and Van Jones was Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.” Jones at least I assume worked with Biden on trying to create those wonderful, Solyndra like Green jobs. What does that say about the Obama regime and who’s part of it? You can figure it out yourself. The following is an audio clip where dummy Biden can’t seem to recall who Van Jones is.


Once a schmuck, always a schmuck. Sounds like another great campaign ad for the GOP nominee to run next year against Obama. Audio clip posted at Fox Nation.

Communist and one time Obama czar says Paul Ryan’s budget plan worse than Al Qaeda

vanjonesfailObama’s one time green jobs czar and admitted communist Van Jones is out doing work for the Obama regime and Democrat Marxist party demagoguing Paul Ryan’s budget. According to Communist Van Jones, Paul Ryan’s budget plan is somehow worse than Al Qaeda. Considering Democrats, Progressives, and Marxists, and is a Communists are terrorist apologists, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this far left nut truely believes the vitriol he spews. I guess it’s been a slow time defending cop killers or something for Van Jones. He’s also not much of a fan of “patriotism” either. Jones claims that politics Of “Hope & Patriotism” means the GOP is nothing more than a red, white and blue wrecking ball.
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