Barney Frank whines about Dennis Miller – blames terrorist attack on sequester

090112_r18105_p233I always love it when Bill O’Reilly hypes his big, tough interviews. Tonight it was Barney Frank who entered the so called ‘no-spin zone.’ O’Reilly rightfully complained earlier in the week about Barney Frank politicizing the terrorist attack, calling for more taxes. But as is typical O’Reilly, Barney Frank got a softball interview in which he whined about Dennis Miller and blamed the terrorist attack on sequester. As usual, O’Reilly just sat there and had his arrogant smirk on his face.

Barney Frank softball interview with Bill O’Reilly

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Maria Bartiromo shreds corrupt former Democrat Rep. Barney Frank (Video)

Barney-Frank-Jail-Justice2The segment started out as a big Elizabeth Warren lovefest. CNBC, despite being a ‘business’ channel is as left wing as it gets (except for Larry Kudlow.) Maria Bartiromo exposed her left wing biases last year during the GOP primary debates. But Bartiromo is never afraid to back down from corrupt leftists in government. The Warren lovefest turned into a shooting match between Maria Bartiromo and corrupt former Rep. Barney Frank. The interview should have been conducted from Frank’s jail cell as the crook should be behind bars. But because he had the Washington DC firewall, he got away with everything.

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Thank God it’s not Barney Frank! Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick appoints former chief of staff Mo Cowan to fill Genghis Kerry’s vacated Senate seat

barney-frank-crookLooks like the Democrats didn’t want to have the Republicans having the only black senator, so Deval Patrick is appointing his former chief of staff Mo Cowan to fill Genghis Kerry’s vacated Senate seat. I don’t know anything about Cowan, since he was Patrick’s former chief of staff I’ll assume he’s a far left nut job like the rest of the Democrats from that state. The only good news here is that Barney Frank, who wanted to ‘fill Kerry’s seat’ wouldn’t get the job, and now he can finally fade away to his prostitution ring.

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Oh God! Now retired crook Barney Frank wants to fill John Kerry Senate seat

barney-frank-crookBarney Frank is into seats. For all we know, he could have already had John Kerry-Heinz seat in the past. Now that the corrupt bastard Barney Frank is retired from the House, he wants to fill John Kerry-Heinz Senate seat until after a special election winner is decided once traitor Kerry is confirmed as Obama’s Secretary of State. The only seat Barney Frank should be in is in a jail cell somewhere, he’d probably enjoy it. But if he gets appointed to the Senate seat, along with other crooks like Harry Reid, Chucky Schumer, Dick Turban Durbin, etc, then I’m going to puke.
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Barney Frank – Gay Republicans role model is Uncle Tom

barney-frank-crookNow stop again and think for a second. If a Republican accused gay leftists as being Uncle Toms. Do you think the cries of racism and ‘H8′ would be leading the newscasts and be headlines in fish wraps? Of course it would. But since it’s corrupt liberal Democrat, it’s just Barney Frank being Barney. If leftists didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

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Lawsuit filed to challenge constitutionality of Dodd-Frank bill

barney-frank-crookHaven’t heard much about the Dodd-Frank law lately. Unless you are a far left progressive, you know what a disaster this law is. Named after two of the most corrupt members the U.S. Senate and Congress has ever seen (Chris Dodd and Barney Frank), there is finally someone challenging it. According to Power Line , a lawsuit filed this past week challenges the constitutionality of Dodd-Frank.
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crASS Barney Frank cracks hoodie/Travon Martin joke in commencement speech at Dartmouth college (Video)

barney-frank-crookI’ve been to Dartmouth College once. My cousin graduated from there back in the 1990s. But I never realized the Ivy League school would be dumb enough to invite a filthy criminal and scum like Barney Frank to give a commencement speech. They did, and it backfired big time as Frank cracked a joke about hoodies and Trayvon Martin that drew groans from the crowd. Barney Frank should be behind bars, NOT giving commencement speeches.

Wedding jitters? Barney Frank throws a tantrum on ‘This Week’ when GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn brings up economic issues (Video)

barney-frank-joker-posterDid you hear? Barney Frank is getting married this July! He seemed to be having pre-wedding jitters when he threw one of his patented tantrums at Marsha Blackburn during ABC’s ‘This Week.’ Of course the topic was gay marriage, but when Blackburn tried to pivot to the economy (you know, what most people actually care about) Barney Frank threw another childish temper tantrum.
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Aww. Barney Frank thinks passing ObamaCARE was a mistake

Barney-Frank-Jail-Justice2.gifPoor Bawney Fwank. He now thinks that shoving ObamaCARE down America’s throats was a mistake. Gee, really Barney? Is that why your Marxist Democrat party lost 63 seats in the House? Is that why you are being forced to retire after the the 112th Congress ends? Is that why you had the toughest election of your life in 2010 in liberal hell hole Boston? According to Michelle Malkin, Bawney now regrets “pushing too hard.”

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Eye abuse! Barney Frank has manboobs, they sag really low!

barney-frank-crookGot milk? Barney Frank has manboobs, they sag really low! Barney Frank has manboobs, they are barely human! It looks like Bawney Fwanks has already entered the retirement phase of his “life.” Having absolutely no respect for the dress code on the House floor today, Bawney Fwanks let them all hang out with some tight shirt under his sport coat. Also according Doug Powers, Barney’s left hand appears to be heavily bandaged. God only knows what happened last night. If you want to watch the following video, be sure to have your barf bag ready. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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