Watch: John Boehner’s First Speech As Speaker of the House and swearing in

john-boehnerWow. The swearing in was conducted by drooling progressive liberal Democrat from Michigan John Dingell. I’m surprised Dingell could even read at this point, let alone speak. He’s been in Congress for over 50 years and is a poster child for term limits!

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From un-american to KKK members – John Dingell says those at townhalls are no different than the KKK members

The libtards who are elected to SERVE the people are continuing to hurl insults at anyone who doesn’t bow down (like Obama to the Muslim Saudi King) and allow ObamaCARE to be rammed down their throats. The latest gem is from John Dingell of Michigan who says those attenting townhalls and not just sitting their on their hands are basically KKK members. Yea, the poor man with his special needs child challenging Dingell really looked like a member huh? Its also a bit ironic that former KKK member and democrat Robert Byrd is still alive and kicking (barely) in the Senate, and that of all organizations, George Soros’s thinkprogress is the one who posted this video exposing Dingell Berry. You’d better watch before it mysteriously gets pulled from Youtube if you are interested.