348 school age children shot in Chicago with 74 killed in 2013

rahm-emanuel-3With two weeks to go in 2013, 348 school children have already been shot in Rahmville Chicago. 74 of these kids have been killed. This is an astonishing 12 more school age children who have died as a result of gun shots than over 2012’s sixty two. Also keep in the mind, this was the latest available statistics, which was right before Thanksgiving. Hadiya Pendleton was the first known victim of the year. She got national attention when Michelle Obama tried to capitalize on her death to push her gun control agenda. All of this in Chicago, the leftist plantation where guns are strictly controlled. Chicago’s Democrat politicians always like to brag how strong their gun control laws are. As you can see, the tough gun laws in this leftists cesspool haven’t prevented 74 kids from being killed by gun shots. Not by legal gun owners, but usually by gang bangers who shouldn’t be allowed to have guns in the first place according to the law. But as leftists will tell you, these gangbanging thugs will follow the laws if you just restrict access to guns for legal gun owners even more.

You may remember Hadiya Pendleton. She was a girl who performed with her high school band at Obama’s second inauguration. She was shot and killed in Chicago back in January as the year got off to it’s violent start in the ‘Windy City.’

Of the 74 children killed in Chicago, a handful were killed with objects other than firearms:

18-year-old man shot dead in South Chicago
17-year-old boy shot dead in Little Village
18-year-old man shot dead in Englewood
17-year-old boy shot dead in Albany Park
16-year-old among 3 slain in South Shore
Man, 18, dies after Southwest Side stabbing
17-year-old boy shot dead in Grand Crossing
Englewood infant beaten to death 4 mon
18-year-old shot dead in South Shore
Woman killed, boy hurt in extra-alarm fire on Far South Side 8 yr
Girl, 2, dead after car speeds past stop sign
14 year old boy shot dead in Park Manor
Father of girl, 8, grandmother charged in girl’s July murder in Austin
16 year old boy shot dead, 15 year old boy shot
Boy, 17, shot dead in Avalon Park
Boy, 3 months, was beaten to death
17 year old boy shot dead in Washington Park
14-year-old boy shot dead in Garfield Park
17-year-old boy shot dead in McKinley Park
18 year old shot, 18 year old shot dead in Austin

I suppose Chicago could try banning knives too since some were used to kill these children. Maybe Chicago can ban fire alarms next.

So why isn’t any of this news worthy? Sure, Hadiya Pendleton was in the news, but that’s mainly because Michelle Obama tried to capitalize on her tragic death for political gain. So why aren’t these other children’s death newsworthy? Would it embarrass Rahm Emaneul, showing what an epic failure he has been as Mayor of Chicago? Would it show that strict gun laws don’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Or maybe the media just doesn’t feel like covering this because most of the kids who were shot and killed were minorities killed by other minorities? You don’t have the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin angle to play with a ‘White Hispanic’ and a black kid.’ Also notice that there were no Obama crocodile tears either over these deaths, except Michelle Obama with Hadiya Pendleton.

Megyn Kelly owns obnoxious Ezekiel Emanuel – Architect of Obamacare

bxideiciaaa_rnlEzekiel Emanuel, is known as the ‘architect of Obamacare.’ He is just as arrogant and obnoxious as his brother Rahm Emanuel. Tonight Megyn Kelly interviewed the eugenics freak on the Kelly File.

Megyn Kelly owns obnoxious Ezekiel Emanuel – Architect of Obamacare

Believe it or not, there is a third brother of Rahm and Emanuel. He’s probably just as arrogant and obnoxious as the other two. I did enjoy the ‘blame Bush’ bit from Ezekiel Emanuel though. He’s got those extremist progressive liberal Democrat talking points down well. Emanuel came off as very defensive towards Megyn Kelly. I guess even he can’t spin ObamaCARE well enough.

To her credit, Megyn Kelly owned Ezekiel Emanuel with grace. She remained polite, and kept her cool very well during the obnoxious interview. That’s something I would have never been able to do.

Megyn Kelly should be on the lookout for a dead fish to be mailed to her soon from the Emanuel family.

NBC hack Brian Williams creams himself – declares that corrupt Emanuel brothers (Rahm, Ezekiel and Ari) are America’s Jewish Kennedys’ (Video)

WilliamsBowtoObamaNow I’ve heard it all. Rahm Emanuel and his brothers are the Jewish Kennedys’? That’s what Brian Williams declared on ‘Rock Center’ on the NBC propaganda broadcast network. The kennedys’ were corrupt, had ties to the mafia, Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne in the Chappaquiddick incident and Robert Kennedy had unsavory ties too. But comparing the corrupt Rahm Emanuel brothers to the Kennedys? The Emanuel brothers make the Kennedy family look like saints!
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Christmas Eve in Chicago – seven shot with toughest gun laws in country – media silent

chicago_sucksJust another Monday night in Chicago. Seven more were shot in Rahmville, with the toughest gun laws in the country. Looks like those gun laws under Rahm Emanuel are really kicking ass! As usual, the media and Obama are silent. Thankfully, no one 18 or under was reported to be shot, so the 446 kids that have been shot so far this year hasn’t changed (that we know about.)

Welcome to RahmVille.
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Epic union failure! Chicago teachers vote to suspend strike – back to work tommorow!

rahm-emanuel-3You know, it really pains me to say this, but way to go Rahm Emanuel. You are a scum to the highest degree, but you owned the greedy Chicago Teachers Unions, presumably in the name of Chicago children and their education, and you won! The greedy, thugish, Chicago Teachers union has voted to suspend their strike and return to work tommorow. What an epic failure you Chicago teachers are! No wonder the kids you churn out of your school system are so stupid and can’t read or write!
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Disgusting! Chicago teachers union thugs protest outside of 9-11 memorial event

obama-flyIs nothing sacred to leftists and union thugs anymore? Today is a the 11th anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attack that killed around 3,000 Americas in what is simply known as 9/11. Yet leftists who became truthers over the years and union thugs don’t seem to care. Instead, Chicago teacher union thugs who make on average $30,000 more than the average citizen on Chicago AND get benefits decided protest outside of a 9/11 memorial event. At least they sang ‘Amazing Grace and allegedly carried American flags, though if you look at the snap shot at Gateway Pundit, I don’t seen any flags. As usual, Obama is no where to be found. Where’s the leadership?

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Chicago public school teachers make an average of $71,000 a year + benefits – demand large raise, go on strike

rahm-emanuel-3The average American’s year salary is about $51,000, down $4,000 since the Obama reign of terror began. A Chicago public school teacher who doesn’t even work all year makes an average of $71,000 per year ($20,000 more than the average American plus benefits), and they wouldn’t accept a 16% pay raise. The only network to mention the Chicago public school teacher’s average salary was CBS. Other dinosaur networks didn’t seem it was important to mention that they make an average of $20,000 than the average U.S. worker.

All three morning shows on Monday covered the massive teachers strike in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago that left 350,000 students in the lurch. However, only CBS This Morning explained that the teachers, through their public sector unions, are already well compensated, making an average salary of $71,000 a year (plus benefits).

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79% of Chicago 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading

rahm-emanuel-3It’s only 79%? I’m surprise it’s that low. According to CNSNEWS, 79% of Chicago area 8th graders aren’t proficient in reading. So again I ask, will the Chicago teachers who are now on strike really even matter? It’s not like they are excelling in teaching students anyway.

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Deadfish Rahm Emanuel conviently can’t remember anything about Solyndra while being Obama’s Chief of Staff

rahm-emanuel-3How convenient. Rahm Deadfish Emanuel has a memory block when it comes to Solyndra during his days as Chief of Staff for Obama. I guess deadfish Emanuel’s memory is focused on things like meeting male Congressmen naked in the showers. According to WLS in Chicago, now Mayor Emanuel had his memory block when asked by Bill Cameron.

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Dead fish Rahm Emanuel sworn in as Chicago mayor

rahm-emanuel-3Congrats Chicago! You and Rahm Emanuel deserve each other. While the Daley machine is finally done in Chicago, the new, possibly more slimy Rahm Dead Fish Emanuel machine is now in place. ABC in Chicago (WLS) of course creamed their pants to see an Obama reject inaugurated in Chicago today. Even sleepy Joe  Biden was at the inauguration, and stayed awake through the whole thing! Now that’s really an accomplishment!


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