Left wing terrorist Jared Lee Loughner sentenced to seven consecutive life terms +140 years in prison

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholHit the road jackass. Life sentences and an extra 140 years in jail isn’t good enough for this nut Jared Lee Loughner. He should be dropped off over a Iran and get beheaded for being an infidel or something. But the scumbag Loughner was finally sentenced today. Seven consecutive life terms, plus an additional 140 years in jail.

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Gabby Giffords shooter and killer of six Jared Lee Loughner to plead guilty on Tuesday

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholJared Lee Loughner has a hearing Tuesday morning in U.S. District Court in Tucson, Arizona. According to ‘knowledgeable sources’ Lougher, the shooter of Gabby Giffords and killer of six will plead guilty. There’s no information as to what the agreement will be (right now.) Personally, I say bring back the electric chair.
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Democrat John Edwards mug shot – looks a lot like Jared Lee Loughner with a $400 haircut

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholWhile John Edwards may not be in the same league as left wing terrorist Jared Lee Lougher, they sure do look a lot alike in their mug shots don’t they? Both with smiles with ear to ear. Acting proud of what they did. There is just one difference. Democrat John Edwards has his $400 hair cut, and Loughner is bald.

Image posted by Fox News

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Left wing terrorist Jared Loughner found mentally incompetent to stand trial

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholWhat a crock of sh*t. But as usual, when a left winger goes on a shooting spree, they magically get a pass. According to Fox News, A U.S. District Judge Larry Burns in Phoenix ruled that the “alleged” killer from the Tucson shooting spree Jared Lee Loughner is mentally incompetent to stand trial, putting the criminal case against him on hold indefinitely. Absolute bullsh*t and no justice.

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Patches Patrick Kennedy defends Jared Loughner – claims he has a “brain injury”

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholSpeaking of the Kennedys, remember Patches Patrick Kennedy? The loony son Ted Kennedy who was a failure in the House of Representatives? He was such a loon he didn’t even run for reelection in a state like Rhode Island that he would have won easily. Now he’s trying to defend the “alleged” shooter of Gabby Giffords as having a “brain injury.” He basically almost mocks Giffords in order to defend Jared Loughner. I shouldn’t be surprised. Loughner is a left wing terrorist, and progressives always defend the indefensible. Check out what Kennedy told CNN last night (via KTAR in Phoenix):

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Jared Lee Loughner indicted on 49 charges including murder and attempted murder

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholLoony left wing “alleged” murder of six Jared Lee Loughner was indicted today on 49 counts which includes murder and attempted murder. This is of course the left wing nutter that “allegedly” attempted to kill Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords. From CNN:

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Jared Lee Loughner pleads not guilty on attempted murder charges and smiles during the whole process

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholJared Lee Loughner, the “man” accused of the mass shooting in Tucson pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he tried to kill Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and two of her aides. According to Fox News/AP, The San Diego based U.S. District Judge Larry Burns asked Loughner’s attorney Judy Clarke if there was any question about Loughner’s ability to understand the case against him. Clarke replied there weren’t any issues. Judge Burns set a March 9 hearing to consider motions in Loughner’s case. Loughner appeared to be smiling during the entire process. Creepy.
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More media fail – High school friend Zach Osler says Loughner never watched the news and didn’t listen to political radio

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholDupnik, the progressive liberal lame stream media, and the rest of the filthy progressive libtards around the ‘net are getting owned and exposed by the people who actually knew Jared Loughner. ABC interviewed a high school friend of Loughner named Zach Osler who says

He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.

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Hillary Clinton now claiming Jared Loughner acted politically

hillary_clinton_insaneAnd yet another filthy leftist chimes in, with no evidence, drawing the using progressive liberal conclusion. Certainly it wouldn’t be from his 9/11 truther, atheist, politics would it? I still stand by the notion that the nut Loughner acted out of being nothing but a complete nut. No political ideology motivated him. But if by some slim chance he did, his ideology is easily aligned with the left. It don’t know many 9/11 truthers who are teabaggers, right-wing Christians are always targeted by left wing Atheists as “bible thumpers” and there aren’t too many “tea baggers” i’ve heard that are so concerned with grammar. Aren’t the progressive liberals supposed to be the educated ones always correcting other’s grammar? Doesn’t matter. Hillary Clinton jumped the shark and claims Jared Loughner acted on politics (according to Politico):
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Sheriff Clarence Dupnik FAIL! Police sent to Loughner’s home multiple times before shooting

jared-lee-loughner-mugsholJust more proof why the mallcop Sheriff of Pima County Clarence Dupnik is trying to distract people with his petty politics over the Jared Loughner shooting. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s bumbling and stumbling let this nut Jared Lee Loughner slip the cracks and he can’t bare to admit it to the American public. The New York Times reports that police were sent to the home of Jared L. Loughner multiple times before the Tucson shooting took place over the past weekend. All the signs were there that this nut needed mental help, and yet nothing was done by Dupnik’s department.

A spokesman, Jason Ogan, said the details of the calls were being reviewed by legal counsel and would be released as soon as the review was complete. He said he did not know what the calls were about — they could possibly have been minor, even trivial matters — or whether they involved Jared Loughner or another member of the household.

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