Occupy Wall Street: If you are watching #PeterPanLive you have chosen the side of the oppressor

Occupy Wall Street thinks if you are watching #PeterPanLive you have chosen the side of the oppressor. Yes, the famous Occupy rapists are back, trying to be relevant again as protesters ‘march’ in New York City.

Giggle. Aren’t these Occutards so cute? Before you know it, they will start setting up camps in front of police stations with rape tents.

Michelle Malkin says it best:

Bill O’Reilly compares Bundy Ranch supporters to Occupy Wall Street

Bill O’Reilly has a lot of nerve. He compared Bundy Ranch supporters to those leftist scum in Occupy Wall Street. I must also say I’m very disappointed in Brit Hume. He went along with O’Reilly, bashing the Bundy Ranch supporters. I guess they are all just big government, paid for Karl Rove Republicans at Fox News. Someone needs to ask O’Reilly when a Bundy Ranch supporter ever took a crap on a car, or had to set up rape tents.

Bill O'Reilly compares Bundy Ranch supporters to Occupy Wall Street
Bill O’Reilly compares Bundy Ranch supporters to Occupy Wall Street

How many Bundy Ranch supporters were ever arrested, O’Reilly? Why didn’t you ask him that Hume? How much in property damage was caused by Bundy Ranch supporters compared to Occupy Wall Street leftist thugs?
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Dinesh D’Souza vs. Bill Ayers – Full Debate Video

william_ayersDinesh D’Souza, the conservative filmmaker now a target of the Obama regime had a debate with Obama’s left wing terrorist pal Bill Ayers at Dartmouth University last night. Ayers hasn’t changed at all since being a domestic terrorist in the 1960’s and 1970s, and Dinesh D’Souza mopped the floor with him.

American Thinker summed up the debate perfectly:

When you look at Ayers with his little loop earrings and scruffy beard, and hear his sarcastic comebacks to D’Souza, you can’t imagine him being any more interested in “social justice” for humanity than that outside his million dollar apartment.
Ayers threw out numbers and pretend facts, as most progressives do for emotional effect, but D’Souza caught him on a couple of them. For instance, Ayers said 90% of indigenous Native Americans were killed off by the Europeans who slaughtered them to gain the land; but D’Souza corrected him and said most of the indigenous people died from diseases brought in from foreigners. Genocide or disease, a big difference.
Since Ayers can’t get off the problem with “white supremacy” in America today, and talked a lot about slavery and disenfranchised groups including women and “queer rights” groups, D’Souza countered with the unknown fact that 300,000 white men from the north during the Civil War fought against the south to win freedom for slaves.
Regarding the Second Amendment, Ayers said “we should disarm” and put serious limits on citizens who own guns. He also said the “Constitution is there to be changed,” we should extend the vote to prisoners, and we should get rid of the Electoral College.

The full video of the debate from Dartmouth is also available in case you want to watch it.
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Someone defecates (takes a dump) near Treasury-White House

Is Occupy Wall Street back or something? Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online snapped a picture of someone (don’t know if it’s a male of female) defecating aka taking a dump near the US Treasury and White House.

Someone defecates (taking a dump) near Treasury-White House
Someone defecates (taking a dump) near Treasury-White House

Maybe it was whiny Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley. You know, he’s sad now that Congress has to do their own laundry in the Congress gym now because of the shut down. Braley has all the ideolgies as an Occupy Wall Street hippy. He obviously feels entitled enough not having to do his own laundry and he’s pasty white. Just like Occupy Wall Street.

Democrat Occupy Wall Street blames Connecticut shooting on capitalism

square-large-looneyOf course.

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Three Ohio ‘Occupiers’ sentenced in plot to blow up Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge – CNN fails to mentions ties to OWS

cnn-obama-logoI’m amazed CNN actually reported on these three grungy white Occupy terrorists being sentenced.  But as is typical for CNN, while they are busy bashing Israel as they defend themselves from rockets fired into the country by radical Muslims, they skip the connection to Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats for being a part of Occupy Wall Street.

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At least 35 dead – Obama and the Democrats Occupy Wall Street celebrate the damage and destruction of Hurricane Sandy

obamas_fly_2Obama and the Democrats should continue to be proud. After the public defecation, urination and masturbation, Obama and the Democrats Occupy Wall Street has been diminished to little more than a few websites, Twitter accounts. The main OccupY Wall Street account that has over 169,000 followers tweeted it’s glee from the damage and destruction from Hurricane Sandy:

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Obama / Democrat endorsed Occupy DC protester on dead Ambassador Stevens – who cares! (Video)

obamas_fly_2Hey, at least the Occupy DC thug was honest. Occupiers represent Obama and the Democrats, They think like them, speak like them, and a lot of times smell like them. They are also almost always pasty white, drugged out wannabe hippies of the 21st century. In the following video posted at Breitbart, the Occupy DC thug reveals what he, and the vast majority of the rest of the ‘occupiers’ as well as Democrats in this country feel. Who cares that Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the terrorist attack on the US Consulate building in Libya? It’s all America’s fault anyway. This balding, white guy sounds an awful lot like Obama. Neither Obama or the idiots in his cabinet responsible for the US Consulate in Libya figured it was worth the effort to increase security on 9/11 and protect the Ambassador, despite three day warnings of a possible terrorist attacks. This fat, balding white boy would make a great Obama campaign spokes’person.’
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Obama/Democrat #occupyRNC – F*ck Rich People – we are Marxists (Video)

democrat-logoThe mask slips off. Obama and the Democrat’s #OccupyRNC has been an epic bust. Most of the leftists decided to stay in their parents basements and pop shoulder zits instead of coming up in fear that it might actually rain on them, and they’d get a bath. One occupier though has exposed the true message of Obama and the Democrat Occupy extremists. The guy admits on video that he is a Marxist and wears a shirt saying “F*ck Rich People.” I don’t think he realizes that leftists like the corporate wife John Heinz Kerry is richer than Obama. He probably doesn’t even know Obama’s hanging around those evil rich Hollywood hacks like George Clooney. And do I even need to mention George Soros?
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Sikh Temple shooter: Wade Michael Page Neo Nazi and Jew hater just like Occupy Wall Street

square-large-looneySo now we know the name of the Sikh Temple shooter. He was 40 year old white trash Wade Michael Page, freak covered in tattoos who was a Neo Nazi and sung songs about hating Jews. Since leftist nuts decided to blame the Tea Party and Republicans yesterday (before even knowing the facts of the shooter) maybe I should conclude that Wade Michael Page was an Occupier scum. He had all the characteristics. Jew hating, white, covered in tats, etc. Also you may recall that the e American Nazi Party endorsed Occupy Wall Street street – to fight those Judeo (Jews) capitalists.

So if I use the ‘logic’ of some leftists, then Occupy Wall Street and those Democrat politicians that support them have blood on their hands from this mass shooting. But I wouldn’t blame them and jump to conclusions. But you got to admit the ‘connections’ are amazing similar don’t you?

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