Twitter suspends account critical of Sen. Bob Menendez @MenendezMustGo for no reason

democrat-logoAs I said before, social media is a great way to get word out on stuff the corrupt media wouldn’t cover. The problem is becoming the demigods of social media beginning to censor. Yesterday, it was Face Book who quickly scrubbed the manifesto of a left wing nut job and killer Chris Dorner. Today, as the scandal involving Democrat Bob Menendez continues to evolve, Twitter decided to do their own censoring and suspended an account (@MenendezMustGo) which would report on developing news on the scandal. Twitter is of course based in San Francisco, owned and operated by leftists. but of course they will do whatever they can to help Democrats involved in major scandals. Twitter spokesman Jim Prosser declined to tell The Daily Caller why the account was suspended. Since news got out of the account being suspended, it magically re-appeared unsuspended as if nothing happened.

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Censorship! Facebook suspends Natural News after posting Gandhi quote against gun control

democrat-logoAre Obama and his minions controlling Zuckerberg and Facebook now? Natural News posted a famous Gandhi quote about gun control in India by the Brits that reads:

“Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

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Censorship! Twitter suspends Orthodox Jew Benjamin Reisman for tweeting anti-Obama cartoon about Israel

democrat-logoTwitter is based in San Francisco, so it’s no surprise they are in the back pockets of Obama and liberal Democrats.  Not only did Twitter suspend Benjamin Reisman three Twitter accounts, they did so shortly after Reisman tweeted an anti-Obama cartoon about Israel. Censorship and Twitter go hand and hand with liberal Democrats. Below is the picture that got the three accounts suspended. I’ve seen it many times before, and it’s hardly outrageous.

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Censored by Facebook: Obama called SEALS and they got Bin Laden – When SEALs called Obama they got denied

obama-fail-smokeIt seems even Facebook is trying to save Obama’s ass. According to Breitbart, this past weekend Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi. The picture with the message said: Obama called the SEALs and they got Bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, they got denied. This was the picture posted to Facebook (with the removal message) that say it violated Facebook’s Statement of ‘Rights and Responsibility.’

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Free speech under attack! Obama regime telling Youtube to remove anti-Muslim videos

obamas_fly_2First Amendment? We don’t need no stinking First Amendment! Apparently this ‘anti-Muslim’ video has gotten the Obama regime dictating what Youtube should allow and what they shouldn’t. Regardless if you think the film is dumb and are offended or not, this is complete and utter bullsh*t. In this country (unlike Muslim ratholes like Egypt or Libya), we have what’s called Freedom of Speech. Don’t like the video? Don’t f*cking watch yet! I don’t seem to remember Obama ever calling on the elephant sh*t on the Virgin Mary, or the urine on the cross to be removed. Lots of people were offended over that too. I don’t recall Obama working the phones to censor it though, or any whack jobs going out and killing people over it.
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Youtube censoring Mitt Romney – pulls ad mocking Obama singing Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’

obama-looks-stonedIf you are in a battleground state, you probably saw Obama’s ad mocking Mitt Romney’s off-key singing of “America the Beautiful.” The Romney campaign followed up with an ad mocking Obama singing Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ while mocking Obama’s crony socialism and screwing the middle class. Youtube suddenly pulled the ad citing “copyright reasons.” Yet, the other various videos of when Obama sang ‘Let’s Stay Together’ is still all over Youtube, all the various Obama ads using a music track from wherever is still there.
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Youtube bans video of 16-year old Madeleine McAulay critical of Obama, gay marriage and the media

democrat-baby-logoYoutube censors conservative videos just like Twitter randomly bans conservative users. Take this video by 16 year old Madeleine McAulay. According to Breitbart, they banned the video because of “community guidelines.” Yet if you go to Youtube and search for pro gay marriage, pro liberal media, and pro Obama videos, none of those are scrubbed because of “community guidelines.” The following video, which had garnered over 20,000 hits in only a week, was submitted to Breitbart News for consideration when it was first released. is proud to host the video and encourages users to Tweet it, Facebook it and embed it in their blogs.

Nancy Pelosi and other House Marxist Democrats now want to amend the Constitution that would give Congress the power to regulate political speech (Video)

Nancy Pelosi The HagPeople wonder why Allen West made the claim that he thought 78-81 of the House Democrats are Communist, Marxists, and socialists. Soledad O’Brien went off on Allen West today for his comments. Now, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats wants to ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate political speech.

Pelosi said the Democrats’ effort to amend the Constitution is part of a three-pronged strategy that also includes promoting the DISCLOSE Act, which would increase disclosure requirements for organizations running political ads, and “reducing the roll of money in campaigns” (which some Democrats have said can be done through taxpayer funding of campaigns).

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Obama adviser Hilary Rosen made millions as CEO of RIAA destroying Napster, was a vocal defender of SOPA

hilary-rosen-obama-adviserI guess it’s only appropriate a Marxist adviser to a Marxist President would make millions off destroying Napster and be a vocal supporter of SOPA. The Daily Caller has obtained publicly available tax documents from 2002, obtained by that reveal Hilary Rosen received a total compensation package of $2.8 million during her final year as CEO and president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Rosen earned a salary of $2.65 million dollars for 40 hours of work per week to head the Washington lobby group. In addition, she received $141,512 in contributions to her benefits package from the RIAA that year as well.

Back in 2002, the RIAA was trying to destroy the music sharing servive Napster. So it should only make sense that Obama adviser Hilary Rosen was a vocal supporter of the Internet censorship bill SOPA.

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Joe Lieberman to introduce amendment making web hosts, blogs and forums potentially liable for anonymous commenters

joeliebermanAs if Joe Lieberman hasn’t done enough damage to this country and people’s privacy rights as a Democrat, he’s looking for one last homerun before he retires at the end of the year. According to Patterico, Lieberman will propose an amendment this coming week to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. According to McIntyre Vs. Ohio blog, Joe Lieberman’s amendment would change the existing law under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that currently gives immunity to web hosts, bloggers and forum owners from whack jobs who make anonymous but threatening or terrorist type comments. Lieberman wants to make those who enjoy immunity now potentially liable for anonymous cowards comments, all in the name of “anti-terrorism.” Congress failed to censor the Internet with the whole SOPA/PIPA debacle when Internet users let their feelings be known. This amendment by Lieberman will be their second attempt to censor the Internet as many blogs and even more comment sections and forums will shut down because of the new law.

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