ABC hack and former Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos ‘can’t wait’ to talk with Paul Krugman for his ‘expert take’ Dow 14k, illegal immigration and SuperBowl Ads

abcGeorge Stephanopoulos and Paul Krugman should probably get a room. The mancrush Stephanopoulos has for Krugman is beginning to get weird. Georgy took to Twitter to cream his pants at the thought of talking to Paul Krugman tomorrow for his ‘expert take’ on ‘This Week’ about the Dow Jones, illegal immigration, and the Super Bowl XLVII ads. Who knew the ‘expert’ of Keynesian economics Paul Krugman knew so much about the stock market, illegal immigration and even Super Bowl ads.
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Leftist media fail – fall for Politico satire of Paul Ryan trashing Mitt Romney

paul-krugmanPolitico is one of the most biased, left wing propaganda sites there are on the ‘net. Even their in satire, it’s only against Republicans. You’ll never see leftist hack Roger Simon (not to be confused with conservative Roger Simon of PJTV) take pot shots at Obama. The Politico hack decided to write up a satirical piece claiming that Paul Ryan is now dissing Mitt Romney openly on the campaign trial, even calling Romney ‘stench.’ As usual, left wing media hacks such as loony toons Paul Krugman took the story as if it were real news and ran with it.

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Pile of dung Paul Krugman bashes America, calls George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik “fake heroes”

paul-krugmanNot only is Paul Krugman a big stinking pile of steaming dung, but he’s also a coward. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 Krugman decided yet again to bash America in an article entitled “The Years of Shame.” In the article, Krugman as he is known for complained about how the memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably “poisoned” and “shamed.” His excuse is because of those “evil” neocons wanting to fight, for all the wrong reasons. I’m sorry Krugslug, what wars were we fighting the day of 9/11? I don’t recall this country being in Iraq at the time. I don’t recall this country fighting the “good war” as Krugman’s Messiah Obama calls the Afghanistan war. Heck, I don’t even remember us fighting in Libya to arm Al Qaeda rebels to take over the country.

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Paul Krugman on Google+ – Too bad the east coast wasn’t bigger and more destructive it would have lead to bigger spending and economic growth



Update 8/24/11: Seems the Google+ account was a fake or a parody after all. Krugman claims at his New York Times blog that it wasn’t him who made the the dumb statements about the earthquake. He also made another rather odd claim though:

So if you see me quoted as saying something really stupid or outrageous, and it didn’t come from the Times or some other verifiable site, you should probably assume it was a fake.

Does this mean every time he makes stupid or outrageous statements on the Sunday news shows, it’s not really him because it’s on from the Times or a “verifiable site?” Like when he made the claim he hoped space aliens attacked his for bigger economic growth on CNN? I guess that was a fake Paul Krugman too right?
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Batsh*t crazy Progressive/liberal economist Paul Krugman – We need a space alien attack to stimulate the economy!

square-large-looneyThis is how bad it’s gotten for Obama suckers in the media and left wing progressive liberal economists. Praying for space aliens to attack us in order to stimulate the economy. Loony toons Paul Krugman actually said this on CNN with that American hating Obama adviser “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” Check out the following video posted by Newsbusters.

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Paul Krugman calls America a Banana Republic, gets applause, says we have no socialism because we’re racists

In the world of progressives like Paul Krugman, America is a Banana Republic. As he made this statement, the audience gave him applause, so it’s not just Krugman’s idea. Far left progressives hate this country for reasons like capitalism, getting involved in (certain) wars, etc. Oh, and according to Krugman, America isn’t a socialist country because we are racists. This even as Obama won the election in 2008 and got over 95% of the African American vote. Yep. sounds racist to me.
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Glenn Beck owns and destroys Paul Krugman

For those who don’t who Paul Krugman is, he is the lying turd went out of his way to mention Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck in his New York Times hitpiece (regarding Holocaust shooter Von Brunn). Krugman, naturally didn’t bother to inform his readers that the Holocaust Museum shooter evidently had murderous designs on Fox News, the Weekly Standard building, “hated Neo Cons”, etc.