Reuters, ABC have on the record meeting with Eric Holder – say nothing

After Thursday big hush hush off the recording meeting with the press, Eric Holder held a partial ‘on the record’ meeting with some press lapdogs. Reuters and ABC attended the ‘on the record’ meeting with Holder this past Friday, but have said zero about it. I can probably guess what was discussed. Talking points directly from Eric Holder (via Obama) to his media lapdogs to try and make the DOJ spying scandal fade away.
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Leftist media fail! Reuters reportedly lays off up to 3,000 workers, including ‘real journalists’

democrat-logoShould I laugh our loud or what? The leftist propaganda machine is continuing to sputter as Reuters has reportedly cut 3,000 jobs, including so called ‘real journalists.’ I know I shouldn’t laugh when people lose their jobs, but when leftists media propagandists lose theirs, it doesn’t really strike me as a poor or middle class American losing their job. Welcome to ObamaVille Reuters.
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Laughing at Reuters – Story last night touting May jobs numbers “growth seen as stepping up”

obama2Last night, before the miserable jobs numbers came out today showing a measly 69,000 jobs created in May, Reuters put out a story touting how May’s job numbers would seen as “stepping up.” Frankly, I’m surprised thier article is still there after the embarrassing numbers released today, but at the time of this posting it’s still there. Reuters actually blamed the previous month’s lousy job numbers on “unseasonably warm conditions” and “weather-related distortions.” Can’t wait to see what their excuse will be about this miserable report. Oh and Reuters predicted that the job numbers to come out on Friday could on Friday could “shore up confidence” in the shaky economy. Good call there Reuters. Spin away.

Reuters scrubs story of Libyan rebel Nasr Ali crying for help from George H.W. Bush

Reuters pulls a quote from a story of Libyan rebel Nasr Ali crying for Bush, wow, I wonder why. If you may remember that back in 1991 when then President George H.W. Bush established a no-fly zone imposed on Iraq to try and liberate Kuwait. Now in Libya, the people who have risen up to take down Obama, Rev. Wright and Louis Farakhan’s pal Muammar Gaddafi are begging for “Bush” (I assume Ali meant the elder, but they could be refering to W.). Nasr Ali, who is a soldier who turned against Muammar Gaddafi was begging for Bush (not Obama) to make a no fly zone and bomb the Libyan plans. Earlier the story was captured by Drudge Report that contained this quote in Reuters story:

“Bring Bush! Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes,” shouted soldier-turned-rebel Nasr Ali

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Palin’s Alaska Church Damaged in Suspicious Fire

Of course, hardly any liberal MSM has posted anything about this, other than the AP, and Fox News (highly regarded as part of the Right Wing Conspiracy) by the liberal loons. Had this been Hussein Obama’s racist church, with that scumbag pastor Rev Wright, this would be BREAKING NEWS flashing all over CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. Here is the info from Fox News and Hotair:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church has been badly damaged in a suspicious fire.

Larry Kroon, pastor of the Wasilla Bible Church, estimates damages at more than $1 million to the church.

Kroon declined to say if the blaze was politically based or directed at Palin, the failed Republican vice presidential candidate.

Kroon says the fire broke out Friday night while a small group of women were working on crafts. They were alerted to the blaze by a fire alarm.

Kroon says he was called and by the time he got to the church, smoke was pouring out of the building. Sprinklers kept the fire from spreading beyond offices and classrooms.

Authorities are not immediately commenting, but Kroon says he’s been told the fire is being investigated as a crime.

Reuters getting pissy at “conservative gleefulness”

When corruption comes, surrounding yet another democrat, and maybe Hussein Obama, Reuters apparantly doesn’t seem as “gleeful” as conversatives.

Anyone have a tissue they can donate to poor Reuters? I mean times are tough and all.