Earline Davis – Fired ObamaCARE operator TV interview with Sean Hannity VIDEO

barack-obama-arroganceEarline Davis – the ObamaCARE operater who was suddenly fired after Sean Hannity on his radio show called about signing up for ObamaCARE gave her first television interview since the firing. In case you missed it, Earline Davis was fired by the higher ups in the Obama regime (if not Obama, then probably Valerie Jarrett) after Hannity’s phone call. Davis, has two children to support, lives in Panama City, Florida and was only earning a yearly salary of $26,000. Sean Hannity has since offered to pay Earline Davis the $26,000 and help her find a job. I have no doubt Ms. Davis will have no problem finding a job. Unlike most ObamaCARE ‘operators’ Earline Davis is extremely polite and professional.

Earline Davis – Fired ObamaCARE operator TV interview with Sean Hannity VIDEO

Sean Hannity is a very nice, generous man and has defenitly done the right thing. If Hannity could just lose his pals like ‘Brother Rove’ he’d really improve himself and his radio/TV shows.

Hannity lets ‘Brother Rove’ spew his anti tea-party BS (Video)

karl-roveSean Hannity is no Mark Levin. Hannity is nothing more than a GOP cheerleader who will suck up to any Republican to get an interview, and invited to DC area parties. Take for instance John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Hannity always sucks up to them when he invites them to come on his radio and TV show. Tonight Hannity allowed ‘Brother’ Karl Rove spew his anti Tea-Party crap as Rove tried to wiggle out of reports of his war on the tea party. What’s next for Hannity? Is he going to invite ‘No Labels’ Jon Huntsman on next? When Fox originally dumped Rove after his on-air meltdown during the election last November, I thought maybe they were going in the right direction. Since then, not only have they resigned Rove, but they’ve also brought in nut job Dennis Kucinich.
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Jose Rodriguez Jr. exposes Nancy Pelosi as a liar – says she was briefed on enhanced interrogation in September of 2002 (Video)

nancy-pelosi-celebrateCIA interrogator Jose Rodriquez Jr. who appeared on 60 minutes this past weekend appeared on the Hannity show tonight. Rodriquez is the author of a new book called ‘Hard Measures.‘ Jose Rodriquez was asked by Hannity if Nancy Pelosi was briefed on the enhanced interrogation given to the three poor little terrorists at Gitmo. Rodriquez said that Pelosi was briefed in September of 2002 about the techniques and the her denial of it means “either confused or she’s lying.” If I were a betting man, i’d bet on the latter.
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Sean Hannity owns coward Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary

Looks like the dirtbag coward British Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary popped his ugly head out of sand tonight. He appeared on CNN earlier tonight on Parker Spitzer. Sadly, no one watches that show, so they didn’t hear him spew his venom. He also appeared on the Hannity show. Lots of people watch that show, over 2 million a night, so plenty heard this piece of sh*t spew his Sharia Law propaganda bullsh*t. In case you didn’t see it, here is the full video of the interview between Hannity and Anjem Choudary. Get ready for more crap like this coming out of Egypt once the Muslim Brotherhood takes over.
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Video: Sarah Palin interview with Sean Hannity

sarah-palinWithin minutes of the conclusion of the interview Sean Hannity conducted with Sarah Palin on Fox News, the left wing media was going batsh*t crazy. Starting with headlines like “Sarah Palin defends blood libel” and other nonsense like that. Of course, this Palin interview with Hannity will probably be the main topic of discussion on the morning (and evening) lame stream media shows tomorrow. They of course wouldn’t mention blood libel used on MSNBC and CNN in recent years before anyone even knew who Sarah Palin was. All in all, a decent interview. Nothing earth shattering, but plenty of fodder for the left wing loons to whine about. One of my favorite quotes from the interview about the far left kooks and the media was:

“If it weren’t for those double standards, what standards would they have?”

So very true.
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Don’t want a hour full of Sean Hannity? How about this?

With rumors going around once the praying mantis Alan Colmes leaves the Hannity and Colmes show, that Hannity may go solo for the full hour, there are a lot of ideas being floated around as to what should happen, or who will replace that filthy liberal Colmes. JammieWearingFool has a nice suggestion:

Word is Sean Hannity will be going it alone once Alan Colmes leaves. Frankly at this point I’m tired of Hannity and would much prefer one of the above.

We report, now you decide which of these two should have her own show. Or maybe the two of them can co-host, wearing lingerie.

Sexist? Nah. I’m just looking out for their own best inetrests, and hot babes equals ratings.

As much of a fan as I am of Sean Hannity, you’ll certainly get no complaints out of me with this change!