Democrat losers wipe away the tears on House floor

democrat-baby-logoSniff. ;_;

Poor little losers. You know how progressive liberal Democrats always like to mock Glenn Beck for his crying? Or even John Boehner when he cried on November 2nd when the Republicans crushed the Democrats? I wonder what these same Marixsts will say about the crying losers on the House floor today? According to The Hill, losers Debbie Halvorson and Dina Titus had to wipe away the tears as they returned to the House floor for the last time in their political careers after losing their re-election bid. Had I known these progressive liberals were going to pull a Glenn Beck, i would have helped “spread the wealth” and sent them a box of Kleenex.
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Staffers of Democrat losers call in grief counselors to help them cope with the pain of being voted out

democrat-baby-logoSniff ;_;

You know the old saying that liberalism really is a mental disorder? This should just further prove that to be the truth. According to Politico, Democrat staffers of those who got destroyed last weeks elections are so distraught, that they have called in grief counselors in oder to “cope with the pain.” The counselors stopped by their offices to talk about payroll, benefits, writing a résumé, and so forth, with staffers who are now job hunting. LOL! But that’s not all. Counselors also had to help these Democrat “staffers” deal with their “emotional issues.”

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Another record! Obama sets modern day record midterm House seat loses!

Drum-roll please!

Obama has set yet another record! According to RedState, in the last 60 years of midterm election loses, Obama has absolutely shattered the the previous records for his own party’s losses. While there are still anywhere from 8 to 10 seats still undecided at this point, CNN is projecting that after the final set of seats are decided, Republicans will have gained a total of 65 seats in the 2010 midterms. If the CNN projections are correct, this would give Republicans 243 seats and Democrats only 192.
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Exposed! Video shows Federal Contractor telling his employees to vote for Lisa Murkowski

murkowski-scowlI don’t normally watch Huckabee on Fox News over the weekend, unless I need help getting to sleep or something. That being said I missed this revealing moment last night on the show where Huckabee obtained an exclusive video of a federal contractor in Alaska telling his employees to vote for Murkowski because she is on the appropriations subcommittee. The contractor goes on to claim that if Murkowski loses “neither of his opponents” will be on the appropriations subcommittee, basically trying to scare to workers into either voting for Murkowski, or they would be at risk of losing their jobs.

The federal contractor went on to say that:

“She is a write-in candidate and you’ve got to spell her name right”

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Allen West to join the Congressional Black Caucus plus the disgusting loser Ron Klein

allenwestThis is really going to be fun come January. Allen West is coming for the Congressional Black Caucus and he’s going to revoke their race card! In a radio interview on the Steve Malzberg Show, West said he will be a voice of reason and conservative values and join the Congressional Black Caucus. Regardless if the current caucus of nothing but progressive liberals likes it or not. This is going to be so fun!

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Politico calls Allen West the “Alan Grayson of the right”

allenwestProgressive liberals and their media hacks are really having a difficult time with this past Tuesday’s election. I don’t know what’s been more painful for the left wing nuts. The fact they got so badly destroyed in the House and state elections, or the fact that two Hispanic became Governors and two African Americans took House seats away from the “lily-white” Democrats that once held them. Yes, I said lily-white, its a term Politico used to describe the “Republican Conference.” Of course this pales in comparison to calling ANYONE on the right their “Alan Grayson”, let alone an honorable former Army colonel like Allen West, who beat lily-white progressive liberal Democrat Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd District.

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Cheater Alex Sink blames Obama for loss in Florida gubernatorial race

Wah! The cries of a cheater like Alex Sink are funny. While Obama is toxic to the Democrat party and the country overall, blaming him for your weak campaign and cheating in a debate against Rick Scott is so typically progressive liberal. Blame the other guy. Alex Sink is described by Politico as a “centrist Democrat”, which is complete and utter BS. Of course, they would probably describe Harry Reid in the same way. Anyway, Politico conducted an interview with cheater Sink and she basically called the Obama regime: “Tone Deaf.” While this is definitely true, then why did and why does Sink support the majority of the Obama regime’s policies? It’s amazing what happens to these progressive liberal Democrats when they actually lose because of them.

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Soon to chairman of the House Rules Committee David Dreier orders video cameras to be installed in the hearing room

I can see transparency from my house! What Obama claimed would be a hallmark of his reign of terror (transparency) is coming. Not from Obama or the Marxist Democrats still remaining after the landslide election, but from te Republicans who destroyed the Marxists in the past election. According The Blaze, David Dreier, a Republican congressman from of all places, California has sent a letter addressed to the House chief administrative officer Dan Strodel, ordering that video cameras be installed in the hearing room so citizens can keep an eye on Congress.

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Ten House races still undecided

As it currently stands at the time of this post, the GOP has gained a total of 61 House of Representive seats, giving them a total of 240 seats. The 112th Congress will be the the first time since 1948 that Democrats have fewer than 200 seats. There are still ten seats that haven’t had declared winners yet.  Of the ten seats, four of them show Republicans leading. Assuming they win those, that would give the GOP a 65 seat gain. Of course with the voter fraud and corruption by progressive liberal Democrats, don’t be surprised if any of these seats suddenly find a massive amount of late Democrat votes. Jim Geraghty of National Review Online has a summary of the remaining ten seats, and where they stand at this time:

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CNN Exit polls – Republicans set records in 2010 midterms

obama-asleepRemember. According to progressive liberal Democrats, their beatdown in the polls during the midterms was merely due to a “messaging problem”, and not that people dislike their progressive policies. So according to the exit polls conducted by CNN that show big changes for traditional Democratic voters, they were merely just stupid and didn’t hear the write message on Stimulus, ObamaCARE, Wall Street takeover, car company takeovers. etc.

This November, less than half of women voters selected Democrats for Congress, 49 percent, and 48 percent broke for Republicans. This ties 2002 as the lowest ever female vote for Democrats. Conversely, the male vote for Republicans was the highest ever. Fifty-six percent of men voted for Republican candidates, setting another record for the GOP. Forty-two percent of men voted for Democrats.

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